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MRI – Providing a Painless, Up-Close Look Without Harmful Radiation Exposure

By Dr. Brian Cartwright
MRIWhen detailed information about internal tissues or structures of the head or body is needed, doctors often rely on magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, to provide different or additional information than can be obtained from other diagnostic tests like x-ray, ultrasound, or computerized tomography. MRI utilizes magnetic fields and radio waves to provide meticulous cross-sectional views of nearly every part of the body. Injectable contrast material is sometimes used to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of the examination. MRI is especially effective in evaluating the brain, the spinal cord, the abdominal and pelvic organs, the breasts, and musculoskeletal system.
Thoroughly researched and used effectively for more than 30 years, MRI scans are recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe and free of potentially damaging ionizing radiation. Because it uses magnetic fields, MRI is sometimes unsuitable for people with certain internal metallic devices such as pacemakers and certain clips or implants.
RAO uses the most advanced MRI equipment available, including high field MRI, which produces higher picture resolution in less time, and open MRI, which provides a more spacious, open environment for people who may need more room or tend to feel claustrophobic.
As with any diagnostic imaging procedure, an MRI is a test your doctor will order only if he or she believes it is necessary to diagnose and/or treat your disease or symptoms. Your doctor and board-certified RAO radiologist will work together to decide which test is appropriate for you, and if an MRI is needed, you will be provided detailed information about what to expect from and how to prepare for your scan. Rest assured that diagnostic tests like MRI help doctors locate and treat the sources of illness, pain and dysfunction, and most important, saves lives.
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