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By Compton Chiropractic Care –
Neuropathy, otherwise known by its symptoms of numbness, pins and needles, or even a burning sensation in the extremities, has several causes and is slowly becoming an epidemic in our society.
In 1976, hundreds of otherwise healthy teenagers, reported to emergency rooms across the country with muscle aches, joint pains, fatigue, and symptoms of neuropathy.  The government, particularly the CDC, began to investigate these strange occurrences. They initially believed it was possibly related to a tainted supplement or steroid.  Yet, it was eventually determined that the neuropathies these teenagers were experiencing, were due to one common cause.  The movie “Rocky”, which came out in 1976, depicted a character played by Sylvester Stallone, who was training to be a fighter.  Part of Rocky’s training included drinking several raw eggs each morning before working out.  Many young healthy teenagers began copying this portion of the movie and started ingesting raw eggs each morning.  Raw eggs contain a protein called Aviden, and when eggs are eaten raw; this protein binds to biotin in the body and makes this vitamin unavailable to function normally. However, when eggs are cooked this protein becomes denatured and is not harmful.  As you can see, there can be many causes of neuropathy in this case it was due to a vitamin being unable to function properly.  While the lack of some vitamins may cause neuropathy, excess of other vitamins may increase the risk.  This is why you need to see a physician that has experience in helping those with this condition, a physician like the ones available at Dr. Compton’s office here in The Villages.
Many of the patients we see here in The Villages have signs and symptoms of neuropathy.  Depending on the cause of the neuropathy, treatment may be available.  Only a thorough examination and laboratory analysis can determine if an individual is a candidate for care.  For example; Neuropathies that start after taking chemotherapy or certain antibiotics, may not be reversible, as they may have caused irreparable damage to the central nervous system.  Fortunately, those cases of neuropathy do not fall into the majority but rather the minority of the causes for this condition.  Also, as stated above, a lack of essential nutrients and vitamins may be another cause of neuropathy; however, by far the leading cause of neuropathy is metabolic in nature usually due to type II diabetes.
Many of the patients we see on a daily basis, whom have neuropathy symptoms, have them due to type II diabetes.  Even if you have never been diagnosed as a type II diabetic, this still may be the cause of your neuropathy.  Unfortunately, medications given for diabetes, may compound the symptoms of neuropathy, as these medications force every cell in the body to intake more glucose than they need, in order to lower overall blood sugar.  This causes dysfunction on a cellular level, as our nerve cells are more sensitive to the excess glucose than other cells.  Our bodies are made up of millions of cells. Each cell having its own specific function and too much glucose in the blood causes many of the cells not to function normally. There are only two natural methods to get glucose out of the blood; one is to burn excess glucose through activity and exercise, and the second is for the body to store it as fat.  Regulating one’s blood sugar is simply no different than balancing a checkbook.  If we intake more glucose than our body can burn, we will store the excess as fat; just as putting more money into our bank account than we spend will result in stored savings.  Unfortunately, many people are still in search of the magic pill, which will allow them to eat whatever they want and not gain weight or develop type II diabetes. This pill simply does not exist.
Compton Chiropractic Care
At Compton Chiropractic, we target the cause of neuropathy, and have had good success at relieving many of our patient’s symptoms.  We also offer many treatments that will help ease neuropathy symptoms, such as cold laser, ultrasound, and massage therapies.  It is essential for patients to understand that any therapeutic treatment to relieve symptoms of neuropathy, does nothing to correct its cause, and the neuropathy will continue until the cause is diagnosed and properly treated.  As chiropractic physicians, we diagnose and treat the human body on a cellular basis; improving cellular function which in turn, relieves signs and symptoms of many diseases, by allowing our body’s immune system to function as it was designed.  If you have been diagnosed with type II diabetes or suffer from symptoms of neuropathy, help is only a phone call away.

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