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Varicose Veins are a Medical Condition

Varicose Veins are a Medical ConditionMany suffer from unsightly spider veins and varicose veins; both are signs of vein disease. Vein disease symptoms can range from mild discomfort to pain, but they all have one thing in common: ignoring them allows the problem to progress. Some common symptoms and signs of vein disease include: Fullness, aching, pressure or leg fatigue later in the day, swelling, particularly at the ankle, cramping, and itching with rough dry scaly skin at the ankle. Even spider veins, while considered cosmetic, can be the tip of an iceberg and indicate deeper vein problems.
Over time, untreated vein disease progresses and becomes damaging with lower leg swelling, especially at the end of the day, skin changes with dryness, thickness, fragility and discoloration in the lower leg, eventually risking ulcers in the ankle area.
Fortunately, with the use of laser therapy and foam sclerotherapy, vein disease can be treated in a clinic setting using local anesthesia, avoiding painful surgery. This is particularly important for those who can’t take time off work or interrupt busy schedules. You can resume normal activities after the procedures.
Leg health is significantly enhanced by wearing graduated compression stockings, hose or leggings especially for those who are on their feet much of the day. Vein therapy and continued use of compression equates to leg health and an active lifestyle.
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