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What Can Our Blood Tell Us?

By Darla Miller, BS, MBA  –
What Can Our Blood Tell UsAs an owner of an herb shoppe (nutritional supplements using natural herbal blends, homeopathic options, essential oils and other complementary products), I know that being well is all about maintaining a balance in our systems. My well-being is my responsibility. It is not my doctor’s. It is not my nutritionist’s. It is mine. While my doctor and my nutritionist are vital to helping me understand what is going on, I have to take responsibility for what I put into my body and how I take care of this fragile but amazing vessel.
Our bodies are so amazing! If we get cut, our body heals itself – as long as everything is in balance. If we have a nutritional imbalance, the cut may not heal properly and possibly get infected. Many times, though, we treat the symptom and not the underlying cause. We apply a topical cream or treat the infection with an antibiotic. While this may resolve the immediate issue, it does not resolve the underlying nutritional imbalance. This imbalance may manifest itself as many different, seemingly unrelated symptoms. What we don’t want to do is chase the symptoms instead of addressing the underlying cause.
Many of us have had the standard blood tests at our doctor’s office. These tests provide a numerical, clinical range for anything from cholesterol levels to vitamin and hormone levels. While these tests are an important “tool in our tool kit” for understanding our current state, there are many other tools that we can use to further investigate our nutritional well-being.
One such tool is a Nutritional Live Blood Cell Analysis. This analysis is not a diagnostic test, but a glimpse into what may be going on in our bodies. It can give us an understanding of nutritional deficiencies, abnormalities or imbalances.
So, what is this analysis? The practitioner analyzes one or two drops of your blood under a microscope, which is projected on a monitor or TV screen. You get to see your blood cells in motion! Instead of getting a clinical range of numbers, you see the abnormalities in your blood. What kind of abnormalities may be seen? Parasites, Fungus & Yeast, Uric Acid Crystals, Anemic Red Blood Cells, Poor Digestion of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Sugars & Fats, White Blood Cells, Plaque, Bacteria, Liver Stress, and Free Radicals are examples of what you may observe.
Although this analysis is not considered “mainstream” and it is not a regulated analysis, it may be considered an informative complement to traditional medicine. It is a snap shot in time and can be way to gain further insight into your health. But as always, if you have any medical concerns you should always consult a licensed doctor.
The Leesburg Herb Shoppe offers the Live Nutritional Blood Cell Analysis on a monthly basis and it is administered by a nurse practitioner. For more information regarding this analysis please call Darla Miller at (352) 315-4372. For more information about the Leesburg Herb Shoppe, please visit the website

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