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Would you like to sleep better and be happier?

Millions of Americans have difficulty with both of these issues.
By Dr. Rich Castellano, ImageLift –
Would you like to sleep better and be happierThe answer isn’t what you think.  In fact, it is not about thinking at all.  Literally, the answer is to STOP THINKING.
Many will say, “I wish I could stop thinking about things, “ or “How do you stop thinking?” Keep reading because we make the answer clear.
Is it Smart to STOP THINKING?
Consider the ways you currently stop thinking. When fully involved in an activity, such as sports, music, getting a massage, meditation, or anytime you are fully engaged in any or all of your five senses, thoughts are often in the background and not up front. During this time, we may stop thinking for a few seconds, or even longer, though we usually don’t think about when we are or are not thinking. Think that makes sense?!?
When you are fully experiencing, you are not thinking. When you are fully engaged in thinking, you are not experiencing.
Here’s a good way to describe what it is to not think.
Thinking is a vehicle for us to live our lives, just like a car is a vehicle for our lives.
A car allows us to get to work, to our home, and to activities. Our thinking allows to work, create our home, and participate in activities. We spend a great deal of our time thinking, as we now spending increasingly more time in our cars.
What if you get out of your car? You know when you’re on a long road trip and you get out of the car? Doesn’t it feel great to stretch her legs and walk around? That is what it feels like when you stop thinking. Your brain can stretch its consciousness and experience the world – it doesn’t have to stay so focused on your thoughts.
So how does this improve my sleep or happiness? The more you practice not thinking, the better you get. Pain and insomnia are often due to STRESS. While stress can come externally, the majority comes from our thinking and not enough experiencing. Too much stress, or stress for a long period of time causes us a great deal of pain.
Hence, the benefit of stopping thinking. It is hard to be stressed out when your brain is completely engaged in the experience of looking into a flower. You know that feeling when you go on vacation, and you have lost all your cares in the world? That is a feeling, and it comes to you because you are having a great experience and you have STOPPED THINKING about your cares. Doesn’t it feel great? The great news is, you can stop thinking about your cares any time and all of the time, for no good reason other than it feels good to do so (and it is good for you).
Of course, if you stop your thinking for too long, by definition, it makes you a shiftless bum. Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen to you! Start by giving yourself permission to check out for 30 seconds, and not care about a darn thing in the world. After 30 seconds, when you realize that your whole world hasn’t ended, then give yourself 60 seconds. Then 5 minutes. Then 10, and perhaps 15. You will be amazed at the results.
You know how when you are on a computer for a while, and after you restart the computer, it amazingly works faster? Our brain is a biological computer, and it follows the same principles. When you stop thinking and give your brain a chance to reboot, and you will think faster and more clearly!
People that attempt to stop their thinking often have the same first complaint: “I have too many thoughts!” That is OK, that is a very common feeling. Here is the way around it.
Simply imagine yourself as if you are watching a movie, of YOU! And what are you doing in the movie? Thinking! Observe the character on the screen (you), and notice your thoughts come and go. You will think about the bills, relationships, how others have hurt or helped us, what we will eat, what we are wearing, and on and on. The first step is identifying your thoughts. Then, you will start to notice the thoughts coming and going. When you see one thought leave, another one follows in. Soon, you will see the thought traffic slow down, to the point that you will recognize distinct times that you have no thoughts, or you are not thinking. When you stop thinking, and start fully experiencing the moments and sensations of life that is when you feel happy and at peace with yourself. And, you will fall asleep more easily. This is something we share commonly with our ImageLift patients as they share their lives with us.

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