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Allergic Reactions, Seasonal Allergies & Attacks: How Urgent Care Can Help

Allergic Reactions, Seasonal Allergies  & Attacks: How Urgent Care Can HelpThe reasons individuals visit an urgent care are various, but when it comes to allergies, Quick Care Med Urgent Care can get you and your loved ones treated for various symptoms whether those are simply annoying or more severe.
Here in Florida, seasonal allergies seem to be year-round with molds, mildews, dust and pollen thriving in our warm environment. Although certain months of the year are worse than others, seasonal allergies are a common disorder from the young to the elderly population.
When a substance enters the body like dust mites (a common allergen), the antibodies, which are proteins bind to the allergen to defend itself. This causes an immunoglobin E (IgE) release. The E stands for Eosinophils. If too much IgE is in the body, it will produce allergic reactions like hives, itching eyes, nasal congestion, vomiting, or a swollen mouth to name a few.
It can be challenging to differentiate allergy symptoms from a cold; the good news is that Quick Care Med treats both and can easily decipher your diagnosis and get you feeling better quickly.
When it comes to issues like food allergies, if anaphylactic shock has set in, you must call 911 and go to the Emergency Department. However, if there is a food allergy that is making you or your child’s mouth itchy or the skin has broken out in hives, urgent care is the right place to get fast and efficient treatment.
According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, 26 million people have asthma, and allergic asthma is the most common type affecting 60% of sufferers. Allergic asthma has the same symptoms as asthma but is the result of what the body is having an allergic reaction to, which causes bronchial inflammation. Allergies can trigger the body’s immune response through skin absorption and contact, inhalation, ingestion, infusions or injections.
As with allergies, the release of immunoglobin E can also trigger asthma, which is a narrowing of the bronchial system and inflammation of the lungs, which makes it difficult to breathe. Too many eosinophils will trigger a white blood cell response and cause asthmatic wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing and in severe cases, the inability to breathe. Again, if you can’t breathe, call 911.
To control allergic asthma, an urgent care doctor can temporarily treat the disorder until an allergist or pulmonologist can determine what’s causing the attack and how to treat it long-term.
Quick Care Med Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Room
If your health needs are not emergent and in need of life-saving measures, the benefit of urgent care in comparison are abundant. To name a few, the wait time will be much shorter. For the most part, urgent care can see their patients within an hour. The cost is also much less with urgent care than it is with emergency room treatment. Quick Care Med urgent care provides you with the proper paperwork to follow up with your primary care physician or specialist, as urgent care takes initiatives to keep the line of communication open to make certain that your treatment is a top priority.
There are infinite reasons people go to urgent care, from sore throats, skin infections, school sports physicals, vaccinations, colds and flu, sprains, heat exhaustion, animal bites, dehydration, broken bones and much more. Before you go to the ER, consider if you could instead be treated at urgent care because of the many benefits to you and your loved ones.
Quick Care Med Walk-In Clinic & Urgent Care is a comprehensive urgent care clinic with multiple specialties to serve you. Quick Care Med has locations in Marion (Dunnellon and Ocala), Citrus (Crystal River, Inverness, Beverly Hills, and Homosassa), Levy (Williston), & Alachua (Newberry) counties that provides immediate walk-in treatment to pediatric and adult patients for illnesses and injuries, wellness exams, and employer health services.
At Quick Care Med Walk-In Clinic & Urgent Care, they understand that illness and injuries can happen outside of the normal 9 to 5. That’s why they provide Fast, Easy, and Affordable® urgent care with the convenience of extended hours, including weekends and holidays!
From the common cold to a broken bone, Quick Care Med Walk-in and Urgent Care revolves around getting you back to feeling good!
3 Locations in Ocala
3415 E. Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470
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8119 SW State Rd 200, Ocala, FL 3448
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