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BE HAPPYIs laughter really the “best” medicine?  Well…maybe or maybe not, but it’s certainly a healthy supplement for health and wellness.
Let’s look at an example – urinary incontinence – not necessarily funny to those of us who experience those “laugh a little, pee a little moments.” But this little cartoon does bring a smile.
A recent article in Health & Wellness outlined the various types and causes of urinary incontinence in women.  As with any health-related condition, it highlighted the importance of getting medical advice from a health care provider.  But for the many women who experience those little leaks that can follow giggles, sneezes, golf swings, etc, there are also products available to keep us comfortable and confident in the moment.  There are liners, pads, and pants to address different levels of incontinence and overactive bladder effectively, comfortably, and discreetly.
There’s always room for improvement, and that’s where you can be heard.  Consumer research is being conducted to develop new products and/or improve existing products.  Product Insights is a market research company based in Longwood, FL that conducts focus groups, interviews, product home-use trials, etc., in and around the Orlando area as well as in and around The Villages, FL.  We have met with hundreds of consumers over the past 20 years whose opinions and insights have helped us in the development or improvement of products and services that meet a wide variety of health-related issues. These have included a disposable heat wrap application for pain, food products to address the needs of diabetics or those with lactose intolerance, or discussions related to health insurance, to name just a few.  Most recently, we’ve conducted extensive “beauty and wellness” research among ladies in Lake and Sumter counties.
If you are a woman who uses any type of disposable product for urinary incontinence and you would like to learn more about taking part in an upcoming product study, please contact Product Insights.
Participating in a market research study provides you with the opportunity to be heard and make a difference!  How can we take a product and make it better for you, the consumer? Oh…and we’ll pay you for sharing your time and opinions!
A few words about Product Insights
and market research:
• Our goal is to develop or improve products that promote a healthier, happier lifestyle.
• We value the insights provided by consumers and are always respectful of your time and opinions.
• All information shared with Product Insights is strictly confidential, we never share personal information, and we will never try to sell you anything.
• Respondents receive compensation, with the amount varying based on the level of participation required.
• All studies are conducted at a convenient local location.
• Our current study need is for women with incontinence concerns.
Register now at:
For more information please email,
call toll-free (877) 688-4397

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