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Eliminate Pain and Accelerate Natural Healing with Electricity, Even if Nothing Else Works!

Are you still suffering in pain no matter what the doctors prescribe? If so, you’re not alone. According to The National Institute of Health of Health and WebMD, over 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain every day no matter what the doctors prescribe.
But there is good news! You can be pain-free, because now the worlds most advanced electro-therapy technology (AMT), which once reserved for the elite of Olympic, and professional sports, entertainment for the past 30 years is now available to the general public in central Florida for the very first time ever, thanks to Energy Medical at The Villages.
Why Just Manage Your Pain When You Can Eliminate It?
Using two devices, the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse, (AMT) therapist are easily able to address every part of the body from head to toe in a safe and pleasant, non-invasive manner. AMT doesn’t just mask the pain or trick the brain into not feeling pain, it electrically normalizes tissue so it can quickly heal and eliminate the pain permanently.  How does it work?
Electricity Flows Through Every
Healthy Cell in the Body
The human body actually runs on electricity. Energy flows in distinct pathways throughout the entire body powering every cell, muscle, organ and brain function. Each cell holds a charge, just like a battery, and operates like a little battery driven pump, electrically pumping nutrients into each cell, converting them to energy (in order to do work), and then electrically pumps out metabolic waste to be carried out of the body. This is the cycle of cellular life. When the batteries get weak cell function diminishes. It’s all energy, and it’s all measurable electricity.  Whenever there is pain, disease, injury or weakness there is always a corresponding weakness in the electrical properties of the cell / tissue.
Using electro-physiological instruments such as EKGs, EMG, and EEGs physicians measure the electricity of the heart, muscles and brain. With this in mind, it only makes sense to ask, “If we are all being diagnosed electrically, why then aren’t we being treated electrically”?
The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, if it only has enough electrical energy.
The Electro-Acuscope is a pain-management device designed to specifically treat neurologic tissues, and read all body tissues and systems as well. The ElectroMyopulse specializes in treating connective tissues such as bone, muscle, tendon, ligaments and skin. Together they are a full body treatment system, designed to eliminate pain, accelerate natural healing, increase energy levels and improve detoxification. In other words AMT will help you to look, feel and perform better.
Electricity is the health secret of the ages, successfully treating many conditions without medication or surgery.
Not All Energy Devices
Are Created Equal.
The Electro-Acuscope and the Electro-Myopulse are unique micro-current instruments unlike any other micro-current devices available today. They operate at especially low currents and more importantly, are both input and output devices with the ability to read electrical impedance & capacitance, analyze and respond back with precise inverted electrical signals at more than a hundred times per second. No other micro-current devise simultaneously reads and treats tissue!
Electricity is the key to life and health.
What Is Pain and Why Does It Hurt?
Health is all about the flow of energy and fluids throughout the body. Whenever the flow is restricted, by disease, injury, scar tissue, arthritis, etc., the cells stop functioning properly. Basic physics teaches us that resistance to the flow of energy or fluids always creates heat – heat induces inflammation – inflammation increases sensitivity – and increased sensitivity results in the sensation we know as pain. The more resistance, the more sensitivity or pain.  AMT addresses the inflammation by addressing the root cause of the resistance.
Electricity Is The Missing Component In Western Medicine.
The efficacy electro-therapy goes back thousands of years in history. Acupuncture, which has been used since ancient times in China, is all about using static electricity to help normalize tissue. In ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome people used to soak their feet in pools with electric eels and torpedo fish and let the mild electrical currents come thru the water and up feet and legs to relieve pain.
The term electricity is actually a medical term, first coined in the early 1600s by Queen Elizabeth’s royal physician, Dr. William Gilbert to describe medical therapies. He is known as the Father of Electricity. However today because of the influence of powerful drug companies and insurance interests and political oversight electro-therapies are mostly overlooked in favor of other highly profitable substances.
How To Avoid Unnecessary Surgeries and Other Dangerous Side Effects
Besides eliminating pain, AMT has helped many people avoid surgeries, recover faster when surgery was necessary, lessen medication dependencies, increase energy levels, return to favorite activities and improve their overall quality of life.  Visit to see recent local testimonials.
Over prescription is rampant, according to experts. A new report finds that U.S. doctors are too quick to prescribe drugs, and often give little thought to side effects and non-drug alternatives. Nearly half of all Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month.  Many are being exposed to dangerous side effects, some fatal, even though they are receiving few or no benefits from the drugs.
Even though medications aren’t always needed, it does takes more than just eating right and a healthy diet to achieve and maintain a pain-free life. Adequate and uninterrupted energy flow throughout the body is necessary to eliminate pain, and live an energized life.
As the number of patients successfully being treated with electric therapy increases, the medical field is embracing AMT as and efficient and cost effective treatment option.
Electricity is the future of effective medicine.
AMT Is The Worlds Most Advanced Electro-Therapy.
Used for more than 30 years by top athletes and entertainment celebrities because it accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal, and allows them to function at peak performance. Today doctors around the world are acknowledging the importance of electro-therapy, and the undisputable results being delivered with AMT, even when nothing else worked.
It can do the same for you, just look at our website to see the dramatic results your friends and neighbors are receiving.
Using AMT, the team electro-therapists at Energy Medical is ready to eliminate your pain for good. Feel more youthful, more mobile, and more comfortable today.
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