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Eye Care Visionaries

The visionary doctors at Ocala Eye have good reason to celebrate.
For nearly 50 years, they have been on the leading edge of innovation, providing Ocalan’s and residents of surrounding communities with the latest diagnostic services, medical equipment and surgical techniques, as well as top quality routine eye care – all with a personal touch.
Throughout its history, Ocala Eye has consistently been the first practice in its region to offer innovative services, like small incision, no-shot, no-stitch, no-patch cataract surgery, customized LASIK vision correction, and advanced lens implants. Its physicians have built strong glaucoma, retina, oculoplastic and cornea practices, and have established themselves as the leader in refractive surgery techniques used to reduce one’s need for glasses. “Ocala Eye is the only multi-subspecialty ophthalmology practice in North Central Florida,” says Mark A. Jank, M.D., a cataract and refractive surgeon who joined the practice in 1988. He also points out that Ocala Eye has the distinction of being in the top two percent of ophthalmology practices in the country. “Very few medical practices have our track record,” he notes.
Ocala Eye continues to expand its services for patients. Its doctors perform thousands of surgical procedures a year, and see more than a hundred thousand patient visits annually at its four offices and surgery center. An enhanced office experience now includes Wi-Fi in the waiting rooms for the convenience of patients. In early spring, Ocala Eye incorporated EPIC digital workstations in the Village location. The EPIC system uses advanced computer and infrared technologies to help evaluate your unique visual needs. The fully automated EPIC is a faster, more accurate, and patient-friendly method of performing eye exams. The entire refraction takes place without the patient or the technician leaving their chairs. “Now we can obtain a comprehensive refractive analysis that previously would require at least three tests on three different machines. The 3-D Wave allows us to evaluate a patients’ entire optical system, perform refractive and cataract surgery screenings and customize eyeglass prescriptions,” says Zora Harrison, COO.  Ocala Eye’s new location at Heath Brook was designed around the EPIC system and efficiencies to improve the patient experience.  These are just a few examples of how Ocala Eye continues to innovate, providing skilled services and modern amenities.
Patient-Centered Practice
Since opening in 1971, the dramatic increase in patient volume and nearly 50 years of community loyalty stems from the doctors’ commitment to put patients first, focusing on personal care and building relationships. Determining the right procedure at the right time for each individual leads to high levels of patient satisfaction. “Our Customized Cataract Care program exemplifies this,” explains Dr. Jank. “Through patient relationships we can tailor cataract surgery outcomes best suited for the individual, utilizing the most advanced lens implants available. Whether the goal is to address specific visual needs, hobbies, or even spectacle independence, we are one of the few practices in Florida with the breadth of resources to deliver on those expectations.”
Ocala Eye’s unique approach starts with a single doctor providing complete care for the patient, from the initial comprehensive eye exam to more specialized services. For example, the same physician who performs a routine eye exam on a patient may at a later time perform tests or surgery on their patient if needed. In certain cases, patients might be referred to another specialist within the practice, resulting in an easy intra-office referral. But following the testing or procedure, the patient returns to the care of his or her original Ocala Eye physician. This continuity of care is not universal in ophthalmology. “At Ocala Eye, everything is encompassed in one medical practice,” states Jodie Armstrong, M.D., F.A.C.S., one of Ocala Eye’s cataract and laser surgeons. “This includes major subspecialties in ophthalmology, so the patient-doctor relationship stays intact from the most simple to the most complex procedures.”
Dr. Michael Morris explains further, “Because of the focus on personal care and building relationships, we can carefully match a specific procedure to a patient. When recommending any procedure, our physicians have to deem it a significant benefit for the patient. An example – for a patient with glaucoma, I would weigh the potential outcomes of a laser glaucoma procedure vs. valve or other glaucoma surgery vs. eye drops. In making a recommendation, we evaluate the best treatments for the patient, taking into account what approach will preserve or enhance vision.”
For patients who do require more advanced procedures and high-tech vision solutions, Ocala Eye excels. “Ocala Eye has been responsible for bringing more new technology and cutting-edge procedures to Ocala than any other practice,” notes Dr. Peter Polack. Its wide range of available procedures include:
• CustomVue, a custom LASIK procedure designed to reduce or nearly eliminate a patient’s need for glasses or contact lenses. Using Wavefront technology to precisely map the details of each eye allows for more precise reshaping of the cornea by the laser to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This procedure also better enhances night vision versus other types of LASIK surgery.
• Customized Cataract Care utilizing advanced lens implant procedures, giving cataract patients clearer vision, not just for distance viewing but also for intermediate- and near-vision ranges. Ocala Eye was the first practice in the region to offer a small-incision procedure, in which the physician makes an incision of smaller than 3 millimeters in the cornea. The physician then uses an ultrasonic handheld device to break up the cataract for easy removal. The physician can then implant a folded lens through the incision, which, when unfolded in place, provides the patient with clearer vision. Once the procedure is complete, the incision self-seals. There’s no need for a patch or stitch.
• DSAEK sutureless cornea transplant surgery is an advanced technique used to restore vision in patients with cornea damage resulting from disease or infection. Ocala Eye was the first practice in Marion and surrounding counties to perform this revolutionary procedure which dramatically shortens visual recovery and is safer than traditional transplant methods.
Given all this, it’s no wonder the physicians at Ocala Eye are the most trusted eye care team in the area. In addition to quality vision care, the practice offers hearing and aesthetic services. Aesthetic services include surgical and non-surgical procedures focusing on areas of the face around the eyes, designed to minimize wrinkles and help patients look younger. Procedures will also deal with conditions like rosacea, improving the appearance of patients as well as their eyesight. With these services and others, the physicians of Ocala Eye will certainly remain at the edge of innovation.
For information: 352.622.5183
Magnolia Office 1500 SE Magnolia Ext #106, Ocala
200 West Office 8520 S.W. State Road 200, Ocala
Paddock Park Office 3130 S.W. 32nd Ave., Ocala
Ocala Eye Surgery Center 3330 S.W. 33rd Rd., Ocala
Ocala Eye at The Villages 1950 Laurel Manor Drive, #250, The Villages

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