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February is American Heart Health Month Why Exercise is Highly Recommended for Those That Have Suffered Cardiac Issues

It’s February, which reminds us all that we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, but more importantly than the act of merely giving chocolates and roses, this holiday, it’s imperative to consider the fact that our hearts are what really matter. Since heart disease is still the leading cause of death in both men and women, what better way to understand and implement heart-healthy information into our minds and lives.

How to Safely Exercise
If you have undergone procedures for a stent, pacemaker, open heart, or if you have COPD or suffer from heart disease, exercise is highly recommended by cardiologists and primary care physicians.

Postoperative complications after heart procedures (and other medical conditions) are unfortunately quite common. To lessen the likelihood of rehospitalization or adverse reactions, postoperative exercise as a monitored treatment is often prescribed to cardiac patients after hospital discharge. Exercise helps with range of motion, breathing techniques, building strength and oxygen intake without overexertion and mobilization.

Although most postoperative programs are followed up with the possibility of rehab services including skilled nursing, rehabilitation facilities and/or home health services, a problem frequently encountered is the proper maintenance of exercise and/ or physical activities after rehabilitation services end. Most of the time, patients and caregivers have difficulty in finding options to continue with their maintenance of established home exercise programs and physical activities after their discharge. As caregivers search for options, they may end up hiring personal trainers that may not have a clinical eye or experience with the senior population, or they may hire home care aides without rehabilitation training to assist with follow up of the exercise program. In many cases, it’s also tasking to get to an outpatient clinic or gym.

That’s where Morpheus Wellness comes in. Morpheus Wellness is an in-home senior fitness and wellness specialty program serving Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough counties focused on that specific problem; that gray area of post-rehabilitation where people regress back to the couch after therapy services. Our compassionate team aims to enhance a safe and active lifestyle by providing you resources to achieve your highest level of general health and well-being.

Who can Benefit From Morpheus Wellness?
1. Want to return to your active lifestyle and maintain your level of earned fitness/wellness/ mobility after your therapy services?
2. Wish to supplement your lifestyle changes with dynamic and safe exercise programs?
3. Want encouragement and motivation with a focus on healthy sleeping habits, proper nutrition, and exercises tailored specifically to you?

Morpheus Wellness discovered a need for continued supervised fitness and wellness services after home health or outpatient therapy discharge. Our customized programs may help prevent the following:
• Reduction in strength and balance
• Decreased walking frequency
• Decreased socialization
• Deconditioning i.e., “couch potato”
• Risk of falls
• Hospitalization/re-hospitalization

Morpheus Wellness co-founders, Dean Flores and Lynda Parks, have over 30 years of combined experience in the physical therapy, fitness, health, and wellness fields. Their careers in the home health setting resulted in a strong knowledge of neurologic, cardiac, musculoskeletal, and cognitive impairments pertaining to the geriatric population. Dean and Lynda’s unique approach to encouraging healthy lifestyle changes led them to obtain their certifications as sleep science coaches.

Why We Are Different
Morpheus Wellness is a true hybrid and proactive approach to bridge a client’s discharge from home health services or outpatient therapies for continued progress towards improved living. We provide a means to continue fitness and wellness programs under the supervision of our highly experienced team.

Morpheus Wellness is owned and operated by clinicians. We provide thorough assessments and individualized programs based on scientific principles integrated with a holistic approach to fitness, wellness, relaxation, and sleep. We consult with the client’s physician to obtain clearance and optimize continuity of care. Our employees are clinicians whose goal is to utilize a client-centered, team approach to return clients to optimal fitness and wellness with enhanced quality of life.

If you’ve undergone rehabilitation due to cardiac issues, stroke, hip or knee replacements, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, or if you just need to add a well rounded, monitored and motivating professional exercise to your daily life, look no further. The owners of Morpheus Wellness are highly trained and recommended:

Dean K. Flores, Owner,
Earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Lynda M. Parks, Owner,
Earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

To continue your journey to optimal living, if you or someone you know could benefit from post-rehabilitation in-home wellness and fitness, Morpheus Wellness experts are here for you.

Dean Flores

lynda parks
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