Saturday , April 10 2021

Get More with a Florida Blue Medicare Plan

More than ever, having access to quality, affordable health care is key to peace of mind. Before, during and after COVID-19, Florida Blue Medicare has you covered.

Your Florida Blue Medicare health plan covers you for the expected as well as the unexpected. From your Annual Wellness Visit to dental and vision care, your Florida Blue Medicare health plan is the peace of mind you need to maintain your good health. Plus, many of the preventive health services included in your plan are no extra cost to you when you use a doctor in your network.

Take a look at some of the extras you get with your Florida Blue Medicare coverage at no extra cost to you.

My Health LinkTM: Easy access to your health plan and all your benefits right at your fingertips. You’ll get quick links to many health resources and tools like HealthyBlue Rewards, assistance with filing a claim, your ID card, and you’ll get updates and reminders about the health tests and services you need throughout the year with the Healthy Living Plan. It’s one of the best ways to stay on top of your health.

SilverSneakers®: This wellness and fitness program helps older adults get moving and stay active. SilverSneakers is included with all of our Medicare Advantage plans. Through SilverSneakers, you’ll have access to 17,000 fitness locations nationwide, as well as on-demand live virtual classes from your home. Plus, you can earn thousands of dollars in tuition for your loved ones, just for working out!

HealthyBlue Rewards: Did you know you can get rewarded for going to the doctor for your Annual Wellness Visit and getting your routine tests and screenings? Well, it’s true and easy to get started! Log in to your account then go to the My Health menu. Click on HealthyBlue Rewards, then start earning rewards for gift cards just for taking care of yourself!

Prescription Part D Coverage: Costly prescription drugs can be a challenge for anyone, especially if you are taking multiple medications. Part D prescription drug plans help offset the costs of prescription drugs not covered under your medical health plan. Almost all of our Florida Blue Medicare Advantage health plans include Part D coverage at no extra cost to you.

Florida Blue Medicare’s Health Management Program: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! When your doctor isn’t readily available and you have health questions or concerns, our Health Management Program specialists are a phone call away. Available at no cost to you, these specially trained health professionals can answer your health questions, connect you to resources and give you the health care support you need and more.

Talk to one of our neighborhood nurses. While our Florida Blue Centers remain closed, you can still get the personalized care, support and help you need from our nurses. Ask them questions about COVID-19, or ways to help you and your family stay safe as Florida continues to reopen and you adjust your life to your new routines. And, our community specialists can connect you to community services to help with finding food, utility and rent assistance, as well as many other types of relief programs. Call them at 1-877-352-5830.

Teladoc®: Maybe you’re still leery about venturing out for non-essential trips, but taking care of your health, especially during a pandemic, is essential. As a Florida Blue Medicare member, you have access to Teladoc, a safe, effective and virtual option for care with a medical expert by phone or video. You can also call your doctor’s office to see if they offer telehealth and what program or app you’ll need to download for your visit.

Choose Florida Blue Medicare as your trusted partner in health. It’s coverage you count on from someone you trust. With Florida Blue Medicare, you’re part of a community of complete care for your health and wellness.

Florida Blue – 1-407-795-0477 – Douglas Decker


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