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By Alexander C. Frank, DC, DACNB, FABES

My daughter and I were in a minor car accident. I had neck and back pain but she had no complaints. A couple of weeks later, she began to have headaches, especially while reading. Her pediatrician and optometrist evaluations detected no neurological issues. But she continued to suffer. I am grateful to have been referred to Dr. Frank. He was able to demonstrate where my daughter was having issues and how that was causing her headaches. His treatments and therapies are so gentle. Most importantly, she began immediately to have less headaches and is starting to enjoy reading again.

“Rachel 15”
She was having issues spiking a volleyball when the set would come from her, as she put it, “left world”. We took her for glasses but were told she did not need them. Every doctor’s evaluation was “normal”. We did some sports vision training at a local center but saw no changes. Sports were becoming less enjoyable as her peers continued to improve, but she plateaued. We thought we had turned over every stone until we met Dr. Frank. His comprehensive evaluation was able to detect the issues that were impairing my child’s ability to achieve her goals, when others could not. We have started his drug-free treatment & therapy plan for our daughter and we are seeing immediate changes in her performance; on the court but also in the classroom! Dr. Frank is continuing to teach my daughter how further “excel beyond her wildest dreams”.

“Jack 70”
After over 35 falls, no one at Johns Hopkins could explain why my left side of my body would no longer work. Nothing showed up on my various brain scans that could explain the weakness; I was heading for a wheelchair and that I should ‘learn to live with”. On the first day with Dr. Frank, I regained the use of my left arm (had been useless for months prior). At first I could not control my left leg or foot, so Dr. Frank had me use my right leg to “teach” my left what to do. Yeah, I thought it was crazy too. That was until I was at home one night and I was trying to move to the kitchen [without my walker] and I suddenly began to fall. I thought, “here I go again”, but without me thinking about it, my left leg shot out and stabilized me; preventing me from falling once again. I now comfortably walk around my home without a walker, but use it when I am out and about. There is no wheelchair on my near future.

What is working well; And what is not?
Dr. Frank: “I have developed assessments based on the latest advances in clinical neurosciences that allow me observe the many facets of an individual’s health. I can then develop a drug-free program that “upgrades your software [neurological-muscle command and control]… to maximize hardware function”. Early intervention can be instrumental in reducing time to recovery. Along with an in-depth physical examination, I utilize two of the most sophisticated eye-tracking systems to help identify subtle visual tracking and gaze impairments that may interfere with activities such as reading, tracking a softball., etc. RightEye’s Brain Health Assessment is a five-minute, non-invasive assessment illustrates eye-movement patterns and vision tracking issues that may be the result of neurological problems ‘and helps care providers quantify changes. With RightEye, we can even compare the results of your student-athlete against those of the same age group, or even to MLB players.

About Dr. Frank
Dr. Frank understands that no two people are quite alike, and as such, no two injuries or pains manifest themselves identically. That’s why I offer a diverse range of neurological tech­niques, chiropractic adjusting techniques, treatments, therapies, along with nutritional support, to better assist you and your loved ones on the road to optimal health & maximum potential.

Dr. Alexander Charles Frank is the only Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist in the North Central Florida area. He also holds a fellowship in Electrodiagnostic Specialties. Current course works includes Fellowship studies in Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Vestibular and Concussion Rehabilitation, Childhood Developmental Disorders, and more.

Dr. Frank graduated Cum Lauder from Life Chiropractic College West. He has interned and trained with the top chiropractic neurologists and functional medicine specialists in the world. in order to manage the most complicated of health issues.

Dr. Frank’s comprehensive evaluations assess for the root cause(s) of his client’s health issues. Treatment plans are then tailored to an individual’s specific needs. . Having objectifiable data is fundamental to developing appropriate treatment protocols and assessing progress. Dr. Frank’s comprehensive evaluations are based on the most advanced clinical neuroscientific research of today. In addition, he utilizes the most state-of-the-art diagnostics available that help to find the “weak links in the chain”. Cutting-edge rehabilitative programs are then tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

To Schedule your appointment with Dr. Frank, please call the Florida Functional Neurology Group at (352) 571-5155.

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