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HYPERBARIC OXYGENIf you are diagnosed with cancer, please consider your options carefully as you progress towards your cure. As a growing trend, individuals are choosing non-standard care for their treatment. You may want to consider an adjunct to your treatment called hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Using HBOT, the Undersea Oxygen Clinic
( can raise the percentage of oxygen you breathe to more than 140% due to the laws of physics and how they relate to atmospheric pressure. High quality and peer reviewed studies have shown that HBOT can saturate the parts of the blood that are not red blood cells (plasma) so thoroughly with oxygen that it can sustain life even without the red blood cells that normally transport oxygen being present. (1)

HBOT super-saturates oxygen into the body’s tissues, which promotes increased capillary growth (the tiniest blood vessels) and increased white blood cell (immune cell) activity, which assists your body in fighting infections in a number of ways; by promoting tissue healing secondary to an increase in collagen production, by reducing pain and by reducing swelling. HBOT can also help inhibit certain toxins and reduce the size of any gas bubbles in the body or blood stream. Also, it can have a synergistic effect with antibiotics, which means that it can enhance their ability to fight bacteria, and certain types of chemotherapeutic agents. HBOT can also mobilize the body’s circulating STEM cells, which are the cells that are responsible for replacing cells that are old, damaged or dead. It has been shown that a single ~2-hour treatment with HBOT at certain pressures of oxygen can double a certain type of circulating STEM cell known as a CD34+ pro generator STEM cell. These particular STEM cells are important because they are the human cells responsible for salvaging and restoring damaged cells and tissues within the body. Finally, and after approximately 20 hours of HBOT, the circulating CD34+ STEM cells can be increased by up to 800%. (2)

Another important benefit of HBOT is that it can help with a process called angiogenesis. This is when your body makes new blood vessels to get oxygen to areas that have blocked blood vessels, whose blood vessels are damaged or not working correctly or because of the demand from tissues that are working harder than they normally do. These new blood vessels provide a new path for the oxygen to be delivered to the tissues that need it so those tissues can heal faster. This increased oxygen helps your body to produce more collagen, which is an important part of the scaffolding of every cell.

The prospect of using HBOT for cancer recovery or to reduce tumor size has been a topic of conversation and multiple research studies over the past 20 years. To be clear there is no double-blind placebo-controlled trail showing the efficacy of HBOT for cancer treatment but there is ALSO not one demonstrating parachutes work for skydiving either (3) but we do not see skydivers without parachutes. There are myriad peer reviewed papers demonstrating efficacy of HBOT in certain situations involving cancer treatment.

It has been demonstrated in a clinical trials that HBOT can decrease the rate of growth of tumors and prostate cancers. (4)(5) It is believed currently that the mechanism of action is HBOT induces hyperoxia which produces reactive oxygen species which can damage tumors by inducing excessive oxidative stress. (6) Additionally and importantly, HBOT is frequently administered to cancer patients as adjunctive therapy. (7) Ultimately there is a significant reduction in the number of large cancer colonies observed following HBOT. (7) These results indicate HBOT retards the growth of tumor cell colonies for breast cancer. (7) Even if you choose to have chemotherapy for your cancer, HBOT in combination with chemotherapy has been reported to increase the potency of the chemotherapy requiring less overall chemotherapy. (8) There is evidence that HBOT helps with tumor control because it oxygenates the tumor preventing the all too damaging metastasis. There are many papers which show hope for lung, cervical, prostate, and myriad other forms of cancer. Finally, if radiation is required, HBOT can and does heal radiation cystitis and proctitis faster than without. (1)

If you are looking for an alternative to chemotherapy for cancer, ask your practitioner about HBOT. HBOT is a non-invasive, scientifically proven methodology for increasing oxygen supply to the body which has been in use for hundreds of years. As a provider, medical professionals must evaluate the cost vs. benefit of each protocol. We believe that most everyone agrees that the current methodology for treatment of cancer lacks adequate results.

Thinking differently about the problem and possible solutions will increase options and may improve outcomes. The physics and physiology behind this information are all evidence-based facts from scientific papers published in major journals. HBOT has a proven track record of success as the main treatment or as an adjunctive or add on treatment for many diagnoses.

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