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Innovative Therapies Group: Get Back to Playing Golf & Break Free From Pain

Innovative Therapies GroupWhen your golf swing is lacking, it may be because of underlying mobility issues that are actually. affecting your entire body. Whether impinged muscles, injury, stiffness or pain are limiting your range-of-motion, physical therapy will not only get you out of pain but can improve your golf game by increasing you mobility and strength.

Instability, especially in the core and spine, along with hip and ankle limitations can also be impeding upon your ability to drive the ball like you used to. With the right method of physical therapy exercises and stretching, you can regain control of your active lifestyle within a short period of time.

Innovative Therapies Group works with you to customize your specific plan depending on your injuries, health, goals and needs. These plans include increasing mobility, stability, strength, and endurance. The area’s most commonly needing physical therapy are hips, spine, posture, and lower extremities.

Masking your pain with pain medications is not the answer. Getting to the root cause of your condition is the key to healing your body and living the life you deserve.

Physical therapy is the leading way to relieve pain and discomfort at its core for many individuals. Therapeutic manual stretching and exercising provide real results in controlling pain for countless patients. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) also launched new guidelines recently, recommending the use of physical therapy for chronic pain.

Common Conditions that Improve significantly with Physical Therapy
• Assessment and Evaluation Programs
• Difficulty Walking
• Fall Prevention and Balance Retraining
• Fitness and Wellness Programs
• Functional Training
• Gait Training and Balance Programs
• Manual and Massage Therapy
• Neurological and Neurodegenerative Retraining
• Vestibular Rehabilitation

Patient & Occupational Education is critical to alleviate further injury and to promote the most efficacious healing. Coupled with at-home exercise guidelines and self-help management to promote and maintain independent function and increase mobility, Innovative Therapies Group has got you covered.

Physical therapy is used to help with numerous indications and conditions like retraining the body to improve gait and balance and also after hip, knee or shoulder replacement and so much more. There is no better way to alleviate pain, increase range-of-motion and live a more mobile higher quality of life than through physical and occupational therapy.

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