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June is Men’s Health Month

By Bradley McLarty, CHES – Wellness Coordinator
Munroe Regional’s Lifetime Center
June is Men’s Health MonthWhen it comes to men’s health there are several important areas of concern. These areas include mental health, heart health, and a new area of growing concern – hormonal health.
Most of these conditions in men can be life altering, affecting activities of daily living and changing how daily tasks are approached. With all areas of health, early detection and annual screenings and tests are keys to lowering adverse health outcomes. Changing some of the modifiable risk factors helps reduce the risk of these event from happening as well.
Exercise is a pillar of health and wellness. But what does exercise mean? Several people may picture running on the dreaded treadmill.  While that is a good start and a great form of exercise, it is not the only option. Exercise is anything that gets the body moving and puts muscles under stress. This can include the treadmill, but also incorporates almost anything else including walking, jogging, biking, weight and resistance training. The Centers for Disease Control and American Heart stress the importance of at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Regular exercise has been shown in several research studies to help reduce the risk of over 20 health conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, dementia, depression, and heart disease. Regular strength training has also been shown to help increase free floating testosterone in men, which in turn helps promote prostate, bone, and muscle health.
Getting started with an exercise program can be a very daunting task. Many people have never started an exercise regimen or have not been in one for several years. This is where the team at Munroe Regional’s LifeTime Center can help. LifeTime Center is staffed with degreed, certified, and experienced fitness, wellness, and health staff. The goal at LifeTime is to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of adverse health issues. This is accomplished through a multi-step approach with coaching and modification along the way.
Munroe’s LifeTime Center is also a great facility if you already have a health condition.  Individualized  exercise treatment plans are developed to help aid your recovery, treatment, and future prevention of several areas of health.  LifeTime staff includes medical personnel of Registered Nurses, Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Certified Health Education Specialists, Physical and Occupational therapists. This offers the ability to address areas of health with proper care and reduction of risk of injury to ensure your overall wellbeing. Munroe’s LifeTime Center also has specialized and rehabilitation equipment to help address any orthopedic issues, including an indoor heated pool. Water training is a great form of exercise which includes aerobics, resistance, and conditioning training.
Munroe’s LifeTime Center also has the ability to run some blood lab work onsite. As stated previously, early detection is key in preventing and lowering risk scores. LifeTime offers several screening options to members including Lipid Panels, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Hemoglobin A1c, and Cardiac Risk Profiles.  Utilizing these  biometric numbers allows LifeTime’s staff to further enhance your personal exercise prescription plan to address specific areas of concern and thus lowering health risk scores.
A study published by the Journal of Pediatrics showed that children in a home where their father was physically active had a 3.5 times more likeli hood of being active then the national average. By leading through example families and homes become more active, healthier, and health risk scores for several different areas are lowered. The best part is that is not too late to start to make these changes and embrace a lifestyle that includes normal exercise. By creating an environment of activity and wellness it can create a lasting legacy that your children can pass on to their children and continue to promote health at the family level.
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