Wednesday , January 27 2021

Knock, knock who is there? Better not be a health agent.

Knock, knock who is there? Better not be a health agent.Medicare has very strict rules prohibiting the solicitation of most products via door-to-door sales. Still many seniors are experiencing unsolicited calls and visitors. Making a decision about your health coverage is important and should be done every year, but not by someone who shows up on your doorstep or who is cold calling you. If you are receiving unwanted mail, unsolicited telephone calls or a sales rep at your door, call us now at 855-BOOMER65 and we will help you address the unwanted intrusions. Best Plan Choice is a full-service agency dedicated to working directly with individuals, groups and communities to bring our services to you, at your request. As your agent, we can assist you with registering on the do-not call lists and informing others you are represented by a licensed agency.
Best Plan Choice encourages individuals with Medicare to understand the importance of the annual enrollment season (Oct 15-Dec 7). This is the time, even if you have Medicare coverage you love, that you should review your benefits and look at any changes in cost and coverage. Plans typically change something about their benefits each year and there may be a better fit for your needs. Sometimes your healthcare needs change, i.e. a need for surgery or a specialist not currently accepting your insurance, and your plan is no longer the best choice. If you don’t understand the changes that will happen in your plan effective January 1, 2019, we can help you.
Medicare health insurance is NOT like home or auto insurance. There are no loyalty points or rate adjustments for remaining enrolled in the same plan. There is no discount or rate increase based on using services. There is no penalty for enrolling in a new plan and having medical costs. As a matter of fact, health plans are required to provide transitional assistance if you enroll with pre-existing medical treatment so you often get more personalized services from a care manager. As for coverage, every year is a new year. As an agency, we won’t ask you for any personal medical information, but we can easily identify plans with lower costs, different pharmacy coverage, less out of pockets expenses, and the doctors who accept the insurance.
Every year we host seminars with free coffee and dessert to help are friends and clients understand new changes in Medicare coverage. Please call 855-BOOMER65 to find out about the next seminar near you. Or if you prefer we  will provide a complete needs analysis during a personalized appointment in your home.
As always, our services  are without charge or cost to you.  Call us at Best Plan Choice, where  Clients become Friends, and Friends become Clients!
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