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May is Mental Health Awareness Month – You Should Speak to Your Healthcare Provider About Stress, Fear, Anxiety & Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness MonthWhy do we have bouts of anxiety and stress, and why is it more unyielding for some than others? In Paradise Lost, John Milton may have summed this up very well when he wrote, “the mind is its own place and in itself, can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” Medical professionals are still discovering new reasons for mental health disorders like depression and anxiety and studying effects of mental health on how the body functions physically. Mental health challenges are sometimes unrecognized and therefore underreported, and greater awareness of the effects of mental health disorders can change this.
Nearly 47 million Americans experience mental health disorders annually.1 Mental health disorders are present across the age, income, educational, social spectrums; and among persons dealing with substance abuse, prevalence rates exceed 50% according to the National Institutes of Health. Mental health disorders can cause fatigue, chronic pain, nausea, feeling despondent, or hopelessness. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disease, obsessive compulsive disorder are examples of mental illness. Depression and anxiety are more commonly experienced and can affect general function mentally and physically. Symptom recognition of mental health disease and early intervention improve opportunities for optimal treatment outcomes.
Getting the Right Treatment Matters
Seeking help is a critical factor in getting healthy. Everyone can benefit from some form of anti-anxiety therapy, even if that is starting with mediation or changing the diet and sleep pattern, as these all work together to stabilize a sense of calm and control. Whether the anxiety is due to biological, psychosocial, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the treatment options usually include behavioral therapy, counseling, and various prescription medications that block or dull different areas of the brain. But depending on your severity, there are also natural alternatives like herbal treatments and finding new ways to unwind (yoga, sauna’s and other self-care). However, if the stress is significant to the point that a patient can’t get out of the slump, then more advanced practices are most likely needed.
Negative Stigma Associated with Mental Health Issues
Don’t let any preconceived notions of a negative stigma stop you from seeking treatment. The damaging concept that exists around mental health stems from a lack of understanding and education. There should never be any fear or anxiety when speaking to a professional about your concerns because keeping an open dialogue with your health care professional regarding mental health is crucial for reversing the condition. By working together to shed light on the prevalence of mental health issues and the importance of mental wellness, medical professionals can improve patient access to numerous available resources and help their patients realize that they are not alone—there is help available and the more personalized it is, the better.
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