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Should You Have Genetic Testing?

Should You Have Genetic TestingStandard medicine is sometimes lagging. We check our labs, regularly for liver enzymes, thyroid hormones levels, lipid counts, we even have blood pressure machines in our grocery stores and our homes to keep those numbers under wraps, but what about testing our DNA, does it still seem like science fiction to you?
Genetic testing is the wave of the future because it’s a cutting-edge and advanced way to utilize early diagnosis, ward off disease progression, understand cellular function and a better way to stay on top of our health.
Genexe Health is a progressive genetic testing organization. Their mission is to ensure everyone has affordable access to Genetic Screening services. Whether young or old, rich, poor or somewhere in between, Genexe Health believes that Genetic Screening should be accessible to everyone, and they are determined to make that happen!
The laboratories Genexe selects to partner with primarily utilize liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry testing techniques, which are considered the gold standard in the industry. This gold standard combined with the utilization of one of the most advanced laboratory information management systems (LIMS), generates highly accurate test result reports. These reports are customized and easy-to-read.
Genexe Health’s partner laboratories’ methods and testing procedures are based upon scientific facts and values through which extensive research and data analysis are collected and measured. Such testing procedures set their partner laboratories apart from other less meticulous laboratories.
Genexe Health’s partner laboratories are committed to adhering to the highest analytical standards in the industry, with rapid turnaround times, allowing for prompt informed decisions about treatment.
Cancer Screening
A cornerstone of Genexe service offerings is genetic testing. Their CGx testing service can provide a glimpse into the future by checking for and revealing possible genetic mutations that may increase a patient’s chance or risk of developing certain types of cancer.
At the molecular level, certain inherited genes passed from parents to their children can have multiple effects on the overall health of the children. Mutations can reveal a patient’s predisposition toward developing a type of cancer that may have affected their ancestor(s). CGx testing is available for many types of cancers including breast, ovarian, colon and thyroid.
The importance of CGx testing to a patient includes:
• Early determination of risk of developing cancer; and
• Provision of accurate information to guide a proper health care plan
Along with cancer, Genexe tests for many health disorders and disease states such as the following:
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Cardiology Disorders
• Carrier Conditions:
• Sickle Cell Anemia
• Gaucher’s Disease
• Hemophilia
• Usher Syndrome
• Tay-Sacs Disease
• Cystic Fibrosis
• And much more
There is a level of uncertainty when conducting DNA genetic testing and no genetic test can predict with 100% certainty if you will develop cancer. However, a CGx test can provide you with valuable information as to whether you have an elevated risk. Contact us and schedule your screening today.
Instead of being reactive to a late-stage diagnosis, take the step into the future of medicine. Get genetic DNA testing—It could save your life.
Contact Genexe Health to schedule your screening today.
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