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Medical Marijuana, What is Legal, What Isn’t, and Who is Eligible?

Medical Marijuana, What is Legal, What Isn’t, and Who is Eligible?With the ever-changing regulations, laws, and curious citizens, there are basic informative rules of purchasing and consuming medical marijuana that all Florida residents should know.  But first, the definition of what “medical marijuana” actually is will be helpful information to differentiate street drugs from those that are deemed for medicinal purposes.
Medical Marijuana
There are different species and hybrids of the marijuana plant.  With strict guidelines, the State of Florida highly regulates how their crops are grown for medical treatment.  For instance, some of the plants have much less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in them than others.  THC is the mind-altering, euphoric component of marijuana that gives the “high” feeling, typically associated with marijuana.  However, new laws were put in place that allows recommendations of elevated levels of THC for certain patients with aggressive disorders.
The natural marijuana plant contains both CBD and THC.  CBD or cannabinoids can treat many different forms of diseases and disorders with low THC.  Our brain and nerve cells have cannabinoid receptors, so our bodies naturally react to CBD (cannabinoids) and TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol) through merging directly with our cells.  Our natural endocannabinoid system works synergistically with CBD and TCH, creating a multitude of beneficial reactions in the body.
Qualifying Medical Conditions
Currently, there are 12 medical conditions explicitly defined in the Florida medical marijuana initiative.  However, the Florida marijuana law also states that any medical condition in which the medical marijuana doctor believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient may be used as criteria when certifying a patient for the Florida medical marijuana program. The medical conditions specifically defined in Florida’s medical marijuana law are:
• Cancer
• Epilepsy
• Glaucoma
• Seizures
• Crohn’s disease
• Chronic muscle spasms
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
• Parkinson’s disease
• Multiple sclerosis
• Any other medical condition that the doctor approves
Certified Associates, LLC has an extended list of qualifying medical conditions that their doctors may use as criteria when certifying a patient for Florida’s medical marijuana program.  In addition, for any medical condition that may require pain medication, marijuana may be considered as an alternative treatment to prescription pain medications.
What is a Marijuana Card?
Any person wanting to obtain a medical marijuana card, which is a certificate stating you are eligible to purchase and have medical marijuana, needs to be registered in a State database.
How can I get registered in the database?
You must visit a Physician that is licensed to recommend medical marijuana.  To legally purchase and consume medical marijuana in Florida, the person must have one of the qualifying medical conditions as stated in Florida’s medical marijuana law or any other medical condition that a certified marijuana doctor deems appropriate. The person must have a marijuana evaluation conducted by a marijuana doctor who is licensed by Florida’s Department of Health to practice medicine in Florida and who is also certified by the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use (OCU) as a marijuana doctor. The marijuana doctor issues a certificate and enters the patient into the Compassionate Use Registry database. Only people who are registered in the Compassionate Use Registry database can purchase and consume medical marijuana in Florida.
A minor can enroll in the Florida medical marijuana program, but must have the written consent of the parent or legal guardian, and must also get a marijuana certification from two doctors instead of one.
To apply for a medical marijuana card in Florida, you must have the following:
• Proof of Florida residency, i.e. valid Florida ID, driver’s license, voter ID, utility bill with the same name on application
• Medical records proving your medical condition
• Signed release of information form
• Certification from a licensed physician registered with the Florida Department of  Health’s medical marijuana program
Where can I purchase the Marijuana?
There are highly-regulated medical marijuana dispensaries, which are the only place you can purchase marijuana legally.  Marijuana is still listed as a Schedule I narcotic by the US federal government and therefore cannot be sold in pharmacies since pharmacies are regulated by the federal government’s DEA. Medical marijuana can only be legally purchased from a licensed medical marijuana grower/dispensary, or MMTC’s, as they are known in Florida.
Before a patient can legally purchase medical marijuana in Florida the specialized marijuana physician will enter a recommended dosage amount into the registry. Once the doctor has recommended a dosage the medical marijuana patient can only purchase medical marijuana from licensed MMTC’s any marijuana purchased outside of these sources is deemed illegal and is not protected under Florida’s medical marijuana
Certified Associates, LLC has the most marijuana-friendly and best marijuana doctors in Florida. Certified Associates, LLC is dedicated to offering their patients the best support. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to call them anytime toll-free at (844) 420-PASS (7277), or visit
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