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NEW Device Improves Injury, Increases Muscle Mass and Endurance: Neuro Biological Stimulation For Healing and Function

NEW Device Improves InjuryIf you’ve got chronic pain, injuries, joint inflammation or need assistance in building muscle and gaining strength, there is a new cutting edge device developed by engineer and neuroscientists, Garrett Salpeter, who works closely with Jason Waz, physical therapist and owner of Competitive Edge Performance.
Salpeter’s company, NeuFit developed the NEUBIE, which stands for NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR. It is an electrical stimulation device that
accelerates the client’s progress in fitness and injury recovery. Contrary to popular belief it is not your typical TENS unit. NEUBIE is unique in that it uses direct current rather than alternating current, so it doesn’t lock up your muscle when using it at high intensities. By using NEUBIE to stimulate the
neurological system, you’re able to get a full muscle contraction while still maintaining functional movement patterns.
The NEUBIE has helped people of all ages and in almost all situations, get out of pain, improve performance, sometimes avoid surgeries and get out of wheelchairs, and live life at a higher level.
Technology enhances natural processes; it doesn’t replace them. The Nervous System controls virtually everything about the body. When you work
neurologically, you can change everything else for the better – and do it much faster. NEUBIE’s advanced technology accelerates your body’s internal processes. When given the right signals, your body heals itself from injury, builds muscle, and creates good health.
NEUBIE Research Trial
NeuPTtech is conducting a study on the benefits of the NEUBIE device through a trial that is set to partner with a University within a few months based on their research and outcomes.
Two of the participants, Laurin Conlin and Ryan Conley, who are both professional fitness competitors, shared with us their perspective on what they’ve noticed over the past several months of training.
LAURIN: “I’ve been involved in the fitness industry since 2010 as both a competitor and an exercise science major. During my undergrad years, I started coaching a handful of clients, and as I went on to earn my Masters, I continued to build up more coaching clientele. During this time, I also earned my professional status as an IFBB Bikini Pro. Currently, I compete in the bikini division and own a coaching business, Team LoCoFit, where myself and a team of coaches work with online client’s full time.
Before a show, it’s critical to diet down and maintain muscle mass, and there are, of course, many months of heavy caloric restriction, specific food choices and high levels of cardiovascular training while trying to maintain strength and performance in the gym.
Typically, my training sessions are 90 minutes. We are focusing on the muscles most prominent in the division I compete in, which is bikini.
My primary focus is on shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings, which is precisely where we place the NEUBIE device pads (shoulders first, then glutes and then hamstrings) and we use specific exercises to target those muscles specifically. I started using the NEUBIE for rehab because I had an injury. NEUBIE quickly helped a nagging hip and glute injury I’ve had for over two years. I am recovering faster than before, and now I can finally train properly and feel everything firing again, where before I wasn’t since I had developed many compensation patterns as to avoid my injury.
RYAN: “I’ve been competitively powerlifting since 2011, and I typically work particular muscle groups 3 to 4 times per week. These include things like squat benching and deadlifting along with other variations because as a powerlifter, we’re always trying to increase muscle mass and strength. With the NEUBIE training and research, I’ve been wearing the device for 3 training sessions per week at about 3 hours at a time which is around my standard training session length.
The NEUBIE is on a specific frequency during my weight lifting sets and then changed to another frequency to enhance recovery and lengthen the muscle tissue.
Like any athlete, we get injuries and have wear and tear issues, that’s how I found Competitive Edge Performance and the NEUBIE device. It’s incredibly helpful for rehabilitation, preventing injury and also muscle hypertrophy, which is a fancy term for muscle enlargement and increased mass.
Over the 8-week training cycle, I have gained around six pounds of body weight and have filled out parts of my frame with muscle that was lagging prior, which is a great feat for an advanced strength athlete in such a short amount of time. Whether that change is from the machine allowing me to recover quicker and more efficiently to get a higher amount of work in, or the device is actively helping me stimulate more muscular motor units, or possibly creating more muscle damage, it’s doing something productive to allow me to progress. I firmly believe that with this technology, I’m going to surpass my fitness goals in record time! There’s never been anything as effective as the results I’m getting with NEUBIE.”
Jason Waz, President of Competitive Edge Physical Therapy, states, “In more than 20 years in practice as a physical therapist, I can unequivocally state that I have never come across a technique or device that has a more profound effect on acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain as the NeuFit device. This is next-generation physical therapy at its finest. My mission is to introduce new technology to PT practices everywhere in order to improve outcomes well beyond the industry standard while providing a business model that will dramatically exceed the goals of the practitioner. We are very proud to be able
to stimulate real research on this emerging
technology that is so new.”
NEUBIE Benefits
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Reduces Pain
• Builds Muscle
• Burns Fat
• Improves Performance
• Builds Stamina
• Accelerates healing by 50 to 75%
Competitive Edge Performance (CEP)
They believe in the “care” part of healthcare. And they also believe in establishing partnerships and relationships with their clients based on the merits of old-fashioned hard work, respect for their clients’ time and through the results they strive to achieve with each person who trusts them to do their best to help them get better. To CEP, there is no greater reward than exceeding expectations.
NeuFit has redefined electric stimulation. By making the nervous system healthier, the NEUBIE is the next generation of total neurological fitness. If you are a patient or active individual that is interested in this cutting-edge device to help you heal and improve your muscle function, please call Competitive Edge Performance today at (813) 849-0150.
If you are a practitioner interested in adding NEUBIE to your office procedures, please contact the NeuFit distributor today to find out how it can increase your patient satisfaction through healing, therapeutic recovery, and overall increases performance. Please email NeuPT
Technologies at or call (813) 849-0150.
Don’t just rely on the old techniques of PT, jump Into the future with Competitive Edge Performance!
For more information, follow Laurin and Ryan’s NEUBIE journey through their Instagram accounts.
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