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Nutrition: What We Eat Really Does Matter

NutritionWhen it comes to diet and nutrition, it’s safe to say that there are countless opinions of what’s best. So, how do you really know whose advice to take? Mostly, it just comes down to common sense. For example, what’s better, an apple or a cookie? A bag of chips or a handful of nuts and vegetable sticks?

Many people are jumping on the ketogenic bandwagon, and while it’s beneficial for some individuals, it can wreak havoc on internal organs and overall health if done improperly. Saturated fats, processed meats, and dairy might sound delicious, but they can be detrimental to heart health and cause excessive plaque to form in the arteries throughout the body. If you want to limit simple carbs like bread, pasta, chips, and cookies, that’s a fantastic idea, and it can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

There is no one magic diet, but avoiding added sugars, white flour, packaged foods, and snacks is a great way to feel better, increase energy and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many other conditions. However, it’s not just about what we avoid that’s important, but it’s also critical to eat a healthy diet the majority of the time.

If you can, increasing your intake of fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits is a great way to increase fiber, phytonutrients, and numerous vitamins into your diet. This will feed your cells and can even help to reduce some of the damage that may have taken place over the years. It’s also wise to add in lean proteins. These can be plant-based or animal products, or a combination of both. Things like finfish, shellfish, nuts, seeds, and legumes are an excellent choice to feed and nourish your body.

It’s also important not to go fat-free. It’s important to avoid most saturated fats, but eating healthy fats is vital for the body to function properly. Foods like olives, avocados, walnuts, and extra virgin olive oil are full of essential nutrients and fatty acids that we need to thrive optimally.

There have been several recent studies on the effects of the Mediterranean Diet and heart disease. Although the results vary somewhat, in the end, after following patients for several years, those on a Mediterranean style diet, which is rich in plants and fish, and limits sugar, meats, and packaged foods have a significantly less incidence of heart disease. The Mediterranean and similar diets also show that it has the most impact on those with high blood pressure, high lipid cunts (cholesterol, triglycerides), diabetes, and obesity.

Eating healthy foods helps us to not only feel and look better, but it supplies our bodies with energy and the nutrients it needs to thrive.

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