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Planning End-of-Life Arrangements Why It’s Helpful

Planning End-of-Life Arrangements Why It’s HelpfulSometimes we have the privilege of pre-planning an end-of-life celebration or funeral and other times, we must deal with unexpected situations. Whatever you are faced with when these circumstances arise, Dignity Memorial has many options to help you plan and prepare.

Every life is unique. Through accomplishments, relationships, passions and traditions, each life is a story like no other. Dignity Memorial® professionals believe a funeral or a celebration of life should be as unique as the person it honors. We are experts at planning meaningful and memorable personalized funeral celebrations. From food to flowers, music to mementos, each customized funeral service is a special tribute to the person it remembers. We celebrate each life like no other.

Whether you’re planning a funeral for a loved one or pre-planning for yourself, start with a story, passion or pastime to provide inspiration. We’ll help you weave those very special memories into a beautiful service with personal touches and lasting impressions.

You have choices as to how you want to be remembered, or how your loved one should be memorialized. Depending on the personality, the family dynamic and the social aspect of your life choices, these ingenuities should be considered when planning a funeral or celebration of life. A funeral or memorial service should be a one-of-a-kind celebration. Everyone has their own unique story. How do you want to tell yours? Imagine is a book full of ideas for creating a beautiful and unforgettable remembrance for yourself or a loved one. A representative at Dignity Memorial will walk you through your options and help you make the best choices for your loved one.

A funeral planning meeting, sometimes called a funeral arrangement conference, is the time for us to plan a tribute fitting of the individual. We will talk about your family’s traditions, your loved one’s wishes and any religious requirements you might have. We’ll discuss what should be included in an obituary, what elements would mean the most in a funeral or memorial service and more.

Before your funeral arrangement meeting, think about the following:
• Who will be the main point of contact for the funeral home? Is it you or someone else? Decide who will be in charge of communicating with the funeral home and funeral director.
• Who will be there to support you? It is helpful to have a close friend or family member at the arrangements conference for emotional support and to take notes for you.
• Were there any arrangements made ahead of time? If your loved one prepaid for funeral arrangement, purchased cemetery property, or even simply wrote down preferences and wishes, gather the applicable documents and bring them to the funeral planning meeting.
• What elements should be included in the funeral? What are your family traditions? What religious rites are required? What kind of funeral, burial or permanent memorial will best honor your loved one’s personality and life views? From a faith-based funeral followed by a cemetery burial to a no-holds-barred celebration of life followed by a fireworks display containing cremated remains, we specialize in creating personalized services.

You can use the checklist below to help you better prepare:
1. Clothing, including undergarments (these items will be used to dress your loved one if you are planning a viewing or prefer special clothing for a cremation or casket burial)
2. Eyeglasses and jewelry (these items may remain with your loved one or be removed and returned after the service)
3. A recent photograph (for cosmetic purposes, if a viewing is planned)
4. Military discharge papers (for a veteran, if applicable)
5. Social Security number
6. Life insurance policies
7. Names and contact information for 6 to 8 pallbearers, if applicable
8. A collection of approximately 30 photos we can use to create an Everlasting Memorial™ digital archive and a multimedia scrapbook

Coping with the death of a family member or friend isn’t easy, but when you choose a Dignity Memorial provider, we pledge to help you plan a fitting tribute, handling all of the details so that you can be with friends and family when you need it most.

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