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Serious Concerns About Glaucoma & Vision Loss

Serious Concerns About Glaucoma & Vision LossDo you know that 3 million Americans are suffering from a dangerous eye disorder that can rob them of their sight and nearly 1.5 million of them DO NOT EVEN KNOW THEY HAVE IT? Glaucoma is referred as a “sneaky sight stealer” because, unfortunately, there are minimal symptoms associated with the disease and the miniscule indicators can cause up to 40% of permanent vision loss before the person notices any vision changes.
The optic nerve transmits images to the brain. When this nerve becomes damaged or diseased, it loses the ability to create images, and therefore, communication to the brain is lost. There are several types of glaucoma, but a buildup of pressure in the eye is the most common cause. This pressure is known as IOP, or intraocular pressure. Disease or damage triggers this pressure in the eye and injures the optic nerve. Once IOP compromises vision, it creates irreversible blindness. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness and usually affects the elderly. It’s critical to see your eye doctor for routine checkups and regular eye examinations.
Recent studies are showing evidence that IOP is caused by neurodegenerative disorders, similar to what causes dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
There are treatment options to prevent further vision loss, but once the damage is done, there is no cure to bring your vision back. To help maintain sight, the standard treatments are medications, eye drops, laser and traditional surgery.
If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, it’s imperative that you know there are alternative options.
Because of the neurodegenerative connection, medical marijuana can alleviate symptoms and add visual longevity in two unique ways. To explain in detail, the endocannabinoid system, which we naturally house in our bodies, regulates inflammation, neuroprotection, our immune systems, pain signaling and many other bodily functions and factors. Numerous cannabinoid receptors are located in the eyes. By naturally decreasing ocular pressure with medical marijuana and our ocular cannabis receptors, vision loss in remarkably delayed. The other benefit of medical marijuana is due to the natural neural protective properties of medical marijuana. By adding Medical marijuana therapy, you not only delay vision loss, but also manage the source of the root cause.
By adding medical marijuana to your current optical treatments, you will most likely increase the longevity of your optic nerve, retinal health, and sight protection longer than with just standard methods of care.
Medical marijuana is made up of THC, CBD, and terpenes. The CBD is known to bind to receptors and is thought to regenerate cells and brain function, while THC helps to relax and alleviate the physical symptoms of apprehension. There is a synergistic effect of these chemicals when taken together.
Omni Offers Medical Marijuana Genetic Testing
You must visit a Physician that is licensed to recommend medical marijuana. It’s crucial for patients to seek out a highly qualified physician. The physicians at Omni Medical Services are the best in class for recommending medical marijuana for treatment. Having the right doctor will make the difference and help you get your Florida certification, as well as getting you the proper dosages for optimal healing. Omni has over 7 years in the medical marijuana certification industry. In addition to Florida, Omni has offices in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania.
Omni has helped many patients that are suffering from cancer, the side effects of cancer treatment, and chronic pain to name a few. To find out more, please call 866-417-2002, or visit their website at
To find out more, please call 866-417-2002, or
visit their website at

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