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Shoulder Pain

By Compton Chiropractic Care –
Shoulder PainShoulder pain affected 14 million people in 2003, and that number has increased as the population has aged.  Today estimates suggest that shoulder pain affects 49% percent of the population in America over the age of 60. A large majority of those affected will seek a surgical procedure at some point to alleviate the pain. Unfortunately painful and expensive surgery is not always successful in resolving shoulder symptoms. In some cases, surgery can cause more harm than good due to nosocomial infections (infection caused by hospital stay). The goal in treating all patients is to use the least invasive treatment methods first. For years this has meant many sessions of physical therapy but recently an increasing number of patients are discovering for themselves that DC’s (Doctors of Chiropractic) can successfully treat many causes of shoulder pain. Currently there is an increasing trend for patients with joint pain to see a Chiropractor prior to surgery. Research shows these patients report better results that last longer than with medication and therapy alone.
Commonly Treated Shoulder Problems:
. Frozen Shoulder
. Bursitis
. Rotator Cuff Sprain/Strain
. Adhesive Capsulitis
. Partial Rotator Cuff Tear
. Joint “locking” or “Popping”
. Restricted Motion
Other Commonly Treated Conditions Affecting the Arm:
. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
. Golfers Elbow
. Nerve Entrapment
. Carpal Tunnel
. Tennis Elbow
. Radiculopathy
. Herniated Disc
The Anatomy:
The adult shoulder joint is an interesting joint from a physiological and anatomical perspective. Shoulder joints aka glenoid-humeral joints are a ball and socket connection much like your hip joint. Unlike a hip joint however, the shoulder is composed of an oversized ball on the humerus and an undersized socket made by the scapula and clavicle. Due to the size difference the ball does not lock into the socket. Rather is held in place by many muscles and tendons known as the rotator cuff. These muscles and tendons cover the head of your upper arm bone and attach it to your shoulder blade, keeping your arm bone centered in the shoulder. The human shoulder joint by its very nature is an unstable joint leading to over a dozen common injuries.
Why Chiropractic:
On a daily basis Chiropractors and medical doctors work together to achieve overall health for their mutual patients. Currently, DC’s are known as musculoskeletal specialists in the medical field and work with every joint in the body not just the spine. Chiropractic is now a popular alternative to painful expensive surgical procedures and pain pills. Chiropractic has become so extremely popular that millions of patients seek care on a daily basis. DC’s, like surgeons, treat the cause of pain rather than giving medication or injections which have become common short term fixes. They will however work with your primary physician should medication be indicated during the course of care.
What’s the Difference Between Chiropractic and Therapy
DC’s are physicians and receive more education than therapists. These days the line between the two professions is becoming blurred as therapists begin to use care protocols that Chiropractors have used for decades. Therapists are usually involved in treatment of shoulder pain however there is a key component to treatment that they cannot deliver. Manipulation of the glenoid-humeral and scapula-thoracic joints is paramount in many shoulder injuries. Only a trained Doctor of Chiropractic is capable of delivering a manipulation with attention to depth, speed and force. Additionally, patients do not need to be referred to a DC as they do a therapist. This drastically simplifies the scheduling and insurance process for the patients.
Why Dr. Compton:
Compton Chiropractic is a local office with two DC’s who are father and son. Dr. Brett Compton and Dr. Brent Compton work together and have been serving the villages and the surrounding community since 2006. Their office is located in the palm ridge plaza off county road 101 just one block behind bonefish grill. They accept all major insurances and are in network with most including Medicare. Call today to experience the difference of conservative pain relief given by board certified Doctors.
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