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Summertime Fun: Don't Skip Out On Your Dental Examinations

Summertime Fun: Don't Skip Out On Your Dental Examinations  Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to schedule your yearly check ups.  You’ll face fewer crowds, easier appointment making, and a relaxed environment.  Even though, summertime means more vacations and weekend getaways, dental decay doesn’t take the time off too. So, what should you do if you’re on vacation and you have a dental emergency?
If you’re out of town and you chip a tooth, lose a crown, or fracture a filling, you can find a few good products in the dental aisle of your pharmacy or grocery store.  These at-home treatments are obviously only meant to be temporary until you can get to the dentist’s office for a thorough examination and a permanent procedure.
When you get back in town, call Ocala Dental Care.  They are one of the most skilled dental offices around.  Their ability to make your broken tooth look completely normal is a form of artwork that is often overlooked.  Whether you choose to have a bonded material or a full veneer or crown, Ocala Dental Care has state-of-the-art devices and techniques to make your teeth look and feel like nothing ever happened.
One prevalent cause of breaking teeth is due in large part to microleakage or tiny fractures that have derived over an extended period of time.  In these situations, you can easily fracture your tooth on something as soft as angel food cake.
Microleakage happens when the filling material begins to pull away from the tooth because the filling is disintegrating, or the tooth structure is breaking down.  The crumbling of fillings can happen with a resin filling, which uses a tooth colored filler. But, typically dental professionals see the vast majority of microleakage in amalgam restorations. Amalgam is the metallic or “silver” version of dental fillings, which are made up of silver, tin, mercury, and copper.  Characteristically, an amalgam restoration will last approximately 15 years depending on the size of the filling and the tooth’s healthy structure.
The reason that microleakage is a huge concern is that it creates tiny spaces where bacteria can enter.  Once bacteria harbors its way into the tooth, it begins to eat its way through the enamel, spongy dentin, pulp, and eventually into the roots of the teeth.  If it is not taken care of promptly, it can lead to root canal abscesses, periodontal disease, and can cause your jawbone to become infected as well.  Your dentist can usually see extensive decay under the filling on x-rays
Treatment for Microleakage & Fractures
The good news is that microleakage is usually very easy to repair.  Whether that’s a new filling, crown, or implant depends on the depth of damage your tooth has incurred.
It’s critical to get your teeth professionally cleaned two times per year, and having your dentist examine your teeth and x-rays to check for fractures and microleakage.  Ocala Dental Care takes the time to show patients the pictures from an intraoral camera, so that you can see the damaged area for yourself, and a treatment plan will be prepared for your specific needs.  The sooner you get any fractures or microleakage taken care of, the fewer chances you have of developing abscesses, periodontal disease, bone infections or the dreaded dental emergency; bound to ruin any ones day at the beach.
Rest assured, if you have concerns about old fillings, chipped teeth, or just want to refresh your smile, look no further than the most innovative dental office in the area.  Ocala Dental Care invests in the most up-to-date techniques and devices to make your smile and your experience the best it can possibly be. Their primary goal for patients is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health through advances in techniques, technologies, and by keeping their scheduled dental exams.
Ocala Dental Care
Ocala Dental Care is a restorative dental office dedicated to offering exceptional care from dental basics to extensive procedures, all within a warm, inviting setting. They provide comprehensive restorative and general dentistry services to patients, including dental hygiene cleanings, root canals, endodontics, dental implants, dentures, crowns, and full mouth reconstruction.
Members of the FDA and Central Florida District Dental Association, they have been serving patients for more than 30 years and look forward to serving all of your dental needs.
If you or someone you know is concerned about their oral health, or if you need a check-up, please contact Ocala Dental Care today.
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