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The ABCs of Aging Into Medicare – If you are turning 65 soon, Happy Birthday!

By Michael Crotts
The ABCs of Aging Into MedicareUp to three months before your birthday celebration you can start making important decisions about your Medicare coverage. First, it is recommended you sign-up for Part A (Hospital coverage). The cost of Part A coverage is usually paid for by Medicare and covers some of the cost of inpatient hospitalizations.
Second, electing Part B (Physician services and tests) coverage means you will be paying a premium which is usually deducted from your social security check. By electing Part B when you first become eligible means you will avoid a late enrollment penalty for every year you delay enrollment. Some people delay electing Part B because they already have coverage, are entitled to Veteran’s benefits, or cannot afford the social security deduction. If you have coverage through an employer it is important to verify the coverage is deemed credible. For Veteran’s it is recommended they consider electing Part B to avoid penalties later if Medicare covered services or providers are needed. If you are hesitant to enroll in Part B because of the cost there may be some options.
First, if you have limited financial resources (income and assets) you may qualify for Medicaid assistance. There are different levels of assistance available which may cover some or all of your costs. We can assist you in the application process. Secondly, there are health benefit plans which offer a rebate of Part B premium in varying amounts. For 2019, some of these plans are offering an automatic refund that covers most of your Medicare Part B premium. This amount almost off-sets all of the cost of adding Part B coverage.
Part C refers to the Medicare Advantage (“MA”) health plan benefit packages offered by insurance companies covering both Part A and Part B coverage. Most MA plans also include Part D coverage for prescription drugs. You cannot enroll in a stand-alone Part D plan if you are enrolled in a MA plan offering only Part A and B. By enrolling in a Part C plan offering Part A, B and D you get the most complete coverage.
The ABCs of Medicare are not always easy to understand. It is important to have a licensed agent who understands the particulars of Medicare and Medicaid along with multiple health plan options. Each year we offer local Medicare Enrollment Seminars so you can join us for free coffee and dessert while we showcase a chosen benefit plan. This year we are presenting health plans by Ultimate and WellCare because of their Part B rebate benefits.
Invite your friends to dessert and
coffee…the tab is on Best Plan Choice!
Starting October 1st we are allowed to share all of the exciting changes coming to Medicare health benefit plans in 2019. Learn how your current health plan coverage is changing or hear specifics about Medicare health plans offered in your area. We scheduled events in local restaurants. You can join us at the enrollment event closest to you for FREE dessert and coffee. While you enjoy the dessert, we will share plan specifics and answer all of your questions.
Space is limited at some locations and we don’t want to run out of the delicious desserts. Therefore, it is suggested (but not required) that you call and RSVP. Our toll-free number is 855-BOOMER65. Remember there is no limit on the number of friends you can bring to this Medicare seminar. As a matter of fact, the more you bring the better because we have a special gift for everyone.
The presentation only last about one hour. After the event, a licensed representative will be available to assist you with your health plan enrollment, plan change, or questions you may have about the presented information or other Medicare related topics. We are presenting Ultimate and WellCare health plans at the events but because our independent agents are licensed and trained in all health plans they can assist you with any plan. If you prefer a private in-home appointment please call us at 727-845-5297. One of our friendly agents will be glad to help you.
Pasco Medicare Enrollment Seminars
Beef ‘O’ Brady’s – 5546 Main Street, New Port Richey • Oct 16th 2pm – Ultimate
• Oct 25th 2pm – WellCare
Pinellas Medicare Enrollment Seminars:
Acropol Family Restaurant – 1170 Starkey Rd,
Largo FL 33771
• Oct 26th 2pm – Ultimate
• Nov 7th 2pm – Ultimate
Golden Coral – 10050 Ulmerton Rd, Largo 33770
• Oct 18th 2pm – Ultimate
• Oct 29th 10am- Ultimate
• Oct 29th 2pm – Ultimate
• Nov 12th 10am- WellCare
• Nov 12th 2pm -WellCare
• Nov 16th 2pm – Ultimate
Panera Bread – 10801 Starkey Rd, Largo FL 33777
• Oct 22nd 10am – WellCare
• Oct 31st 10am- Ultimate
• Oct 31st 2pm – Ultimate
• Nov 6th 10am- WellCare
• Nov 6th 2pm – WellCare
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