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By Ronna L. Clements, Natural Health& Wellness Innovator
The University of Natural HealingAt the very beginning of any kind of illness there is a breakdown of the liver.
One of the livers functions is to produce six billion types of enzymes and it is these various enzymes that supply the raw materials used by all of the organs and glands of the body. Our organs and glands then add certain materials to the enzymes and produce their own output to perform certain body functions.
3 ounces of fresh lemon juice mixed with 28 ounces of distilled water is the natural base for the six billion types of enzymes needed for all of our organs and glands. Hence, the liver and the lemon are sweethearts.
Four ounces of the above combination (the lemon and the water) taken every hour during the day starting at 8 AM, is just the right combination and concentration to flush and rebuild the liver faster than any other known method.
This practice can be done daily for the rest of your life or it should at least be done for 2-4 months each year to help flush and rebuild the liver.
The lemon is one of the most alkalinizing foods. It appears to be the closest to the natural hydrochloric acid produced by the liver and extracted by the stomach glands. It forms an alkaline ash that stirs up latent toxic settlement in the body. This process makes it ideal for getting rid of toxic materials. Lemons loosen and eliminate congesting mucus throughout the body and they stimulate and build nerves and muscles.
Lemons are a miraculous food and each of us should try to incorporate them into our daily diet.
There are many foods for healing, but the lemon is true medicine for our bodies.
Personally, I eat lemons daily and I notice an increase of energy and greater clarity of mind.
So, when life gives you lemons – squeeze them and make lemon water. Your liver will thank you!
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