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This Year’s Flu Season Is Upon Us: Get Vaccinated Now

This Year’s Flu Season Is Upon Us: Get Vaccinated Now  Although many people refer to the “flu” as other ailments like a stomach virus or sinus infection, influenza is a highly contagious upper respiratory illness. Getting vaccinated against the virus is imperative, and getting the vaccination early will help to stave off your chances of becoming infected before you get the immunization. We’re not sure how bad the flu virus may become this season, and for that reason, it’s essential to protect you and your loved ones.
According to the Florida Department of Health, last year they reported on the flu as follows: “Overall, deaths due to pneumonia and influenza were higher than expected. Increases in deaths due to pneumonia and influenza are also expected over the coming weeks given the amount of widespread illness in the preceding weeks. Most pneumonia and influenza deaths continued to occur in people aged 65 years and older; of the deaths in people aged 64 years and younger, most occurred in people with underlying health conditions (68%).
Why was last year’s flu season so bad? Last season, we saw an epidemic of widespread flu activity. In particular, Influenza A (H3N2) was rampant. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the H3 influenza virus leads to a much more severe case of the flu. In addition, people infected with H3N2 are more likely to develop bronchial disorders like pneumonia and chronic productive lung illnesses. Although anyone can get the flu, H3 is most unsafe for the elderly, babies and young children, as well as individuals with weakened immune systems.
Consequently, the H1N1 flu virus can subsequently circulate and raise the total number of cases of people infected with the flu. Because the flu virus was so pervasive, physicians were instructed by the CDC to administer antivirals (like Tamiflu) immediately to patients with any indications of influenza, even if a positive flu diagnosis had not yet been determined.
Flu Prevention
The best prevention is still, of course, to get vaccinated, because even if you get the flu virus, the vaccine will most likely shorten the duration of the symptoms. 30% of H3 strains of influenza are directly affected by the vaccine to protect you against getting the illness and spreading it to others.
Hygiene still plays a huge role in protecting you against influenza’s harrowing virus and side effects. Washing yours and your children’s hands frequently, avoiding areas with large crowds, sneezing into your arm, wiping down hard surfaces with disinfectants and antivirals, and getting proper nutrition and sleep are also essential to stop the spread of the virus.
Urgent Care
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