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UnitedHealthcare’s End of Year Screening & Testing Reminder

It’s important to stay up to date on all of your medical needs. These include regular checkups with your primary care physician and specialists, but it also includes annual screenings that are critical when it comes to early diagnosis. The earlier a condition is detected, the better your chances are of effective treatment and recovery.
Some of these screenings include, lung cancer, cardiovascular stress tests, mammograms, prostate scores, colorectal screening, and immunizations to name a few. At the end of the year, your allocated coverage is there, but if you wait until the beginning of the next year to schedule your appointments, you’ll begin with a fresh, new start, as copays and deductibles don’t roll over.
Routine preventive care helps you manage and maintain your health, and it is generally covered at 100% by most health plans.
Understand the difference between preventive care and diagnostic care.
Preventive care is designed to help you stay healthy, and it is covered by most health plan’s with $0 out-of-pocket when you see a network provider. Costs may be incurred for diagnostic care based on plan coverage.
Preventive care
Preventive care includes routine well exams, screenings, and immunizations intended to prevent or avoid illness or other health problems.
Diagnostic care
Diagnostic care includes care or treatment when you have symptoms or risk factors and your doctor wants to diagnose them.
UnitedHealthcare’s Tips to Stay Healthy Throughout the Year:
Healthy Eating
Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But even when you are trying to eat a healthy diet, it can be confusing trying to sort through all of the information available about nutrition and food choices.
Experts claim the healthiest diets are rich in fruits and vegetables, because these foods are full of healthful nutrients and fiber. Eat fruits and veggies in a variety of colors – red, orange, yellow, purple, green and white.
3 Simple Ways to Improve your Eating Habits
1. Go for more fruits and veggies, choose less meat and fat.
2. Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Make at least half your grains “whole grains.”
3. Try marinades or dressings made with herbs and olive oil (a heart-healthy fat) as swaps for artery-clogging creamy sauces and dressings.
Whether you need help getting off the couch to begin an exercise routine or you’ve been working out for years and want to ramp it up, we have articles, videos, tools, resources and much more that may help move you closer to achieving your exercise goals.
Regular exercise can help you live longer and may reduce your risks for a host of diseases.
How do you know whether or not you’re fit? That depends on lots of things, such as your age, overall health, family history, exercise routines and eating habits. Granted, you can’t change all of these influences, but if you work on the ones you can do something about, your overall health is bound to improve.
Benefits of Physical Activity:
• Can help keep weight under control
• May help to improve blood cholesterol levels
• May help prevent or control high blood pressure
• Helps to prevent bone loss
• Increases muscle tone
• Boosts energy levels
• May help you manage stress and relieve tension
Fitness requires time and effort. That may be why it’s so hard for many people to get started. It may also be the reason that some people start out strong, then fizzle out. Getting fit doesn’t mean spending hours at the gym or running laps until you drop. Even if you can only fit in 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there, every little bit counts. To be successful, your fitness program must become a part of your daily life, just like working, cooking, bathing and eating.
Better health begins by caring for the whole you – body, mind and everything else that can affect your health. In times when it can feel challenging to get the care you need, we want to be here to make managing your health care easier – so you can connect to the personalized care you need, where you need it, when it matters to you.
Medical insurance can be complicated. United Healthcare is here to help. Learn about the changing world of plans, premiums and benefits so you can make decisions that make sense for you and your family.
DON’T WAIT! Schedule Your End of Year check-ups, Tests and Diagnostic Screenings NOW!
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