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You Are Only As Healthy As Your Cells Recharge Your Cells with PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) Therapy

By Sheryl Hensel

PEMFMost fluids in the body are electrolytes, which are ions (charged particles) dissolved in liquids. Therefore, it’s easy to compare the human body to a large battery that generates electricity and needs to be charged from time to time.

Did you know the body consists of approximately 75 trillion + cells? They all understand each other and function via electromagnetic impulses.

Each cell is a sophisticated miniature power plant by itself. Therefore, all we truly are is ENERGY. Whenever one of these power plants shut down, trouble begins. Once a cell has lost 60% of its energy, it stops working and uses the remaining energy to survive. Immediately, healthy cells are taking over to do the job. This has an impact on our health.

Illness begins when more and more cells are affected by energy loss, and this often results in being prescribed medication from a doctor. Medication all too often covers up symptoms but doesn’t cure the problem. There is a time and place where medicine is life-saving, but it won’t recharge a weakened cell. It also won’t resolve the root cause of the disease that is setting in. The energy-deprived cell does not crave a chemical; it simply needs to regain lost energy. It’s good to know that cells can be “recharged” to health by exposing them to pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and that functions that were lost can recover.

PEMF has been proven to enhance circulation, improve blood supply, increase oxygen usage, improve hand-eye coordination, aids in quicker bone and wound healing, absorb nutrients, improve ATP production, and detoxify to the cellular level.

The Biology of Energy
In biology, energy is often stored by cells in biomolecules, like carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids. The energy is released when these molecules have been oxidized during cellular respiration. The energy released from them when they are oxidized during cellular respiration is carried and transported by an energy-carrier molecule called ATP.

Research and Findings, You Can Trust
You may not know that Nikola Tesla discovered PEMF technology over 100 years ago, and NASA holds the patent. They used PEMF therapy to maintain the astronaut’s health when they left earth’s frequency, Schumann’s Resonance. This technology has been around for a long time, and the company we work with has found a way to utilize that technology for home-usage.

Wellness Achievers works with a 25+-year-old company that has manufactured a device that helps your body get oxygen into the cells. We have a team of LifeStyle Consultants around the country but have made The Villages our home base. We do weekly presentations and training classes, so our customers have a complete understanding of how to best use the system. It is also possible to have a presentation in your home with friends and neighbors. The mat is also beneficial for your four legged friend from horses to dogs to cats.  They love PEMF healing.

What makes Wellness Achievers stand out is our impeccable customer service. We pride ourselves in not only making sure you have the easiest setup experience but also get the best usage from your unit. You may find other companies and devices online, but they won’t give you the personalized service that Wellness Achievers will provide.

Our goal is to:
* Help you move towards optimal health
* Alleviate shoulder, back, knee, sciatic pain
* Get you out participating in the activities you have worked so hard to have the free time to do
* Increase your stamina and quicken your recovery time
* Spend your quality time playing with your grandchildren and loved ones
* Help you live a longer life with less pain and medication


Wellness Achievers
For more information, or to have your own personal presentation, leave a message for
Sheryl @ 949-220-4900.
Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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