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Your Secret Weapon for the New Year

By Alex Anderson

Your Secret Weapon for the New YearIn August of 1996, I was having breakfast with a pastor that I admired. He did not come from a privileged family, but his life was full of good things. He was very blessed in every way. He had started his church a year and a half earlier, and it was flourishing. He had a beautiful, healthy family. His finances were abundant. He was a VFR pilot and flew a twin engine Cessna to speaking engagements. There were many other things to admire about him as a person and as a Bible teacher.

As we talked that morning, I could not help myself, so I had to ask him how he had become so blessed. I had never met anyone, especially in ministry, quite as successful at such young age.

Here is what he shared.
He said that when he was a struggling student in school to become a minister, the president of the school had personally mentored him…then he stopped in the middle of his story, looked at me and said something that completely surprised me. “But the real key to my success is something the president gave me. That one thing changed everything in my life. And since you asked I’ll give it to you if you’ll follow me to my office.” I eagerly finished my coffee, got into my car and hurried to his office.

I don’t believe in magic but I do believe that God wants to bless our lives. What my friend gave me has caused my life to be blessed in every sense of the word, and so I want to give it to you as Your Secret Weapon for the New Year.

My friend called it, “His Daily Agreement with God.” It’s not fancy and not even grammatically correct, but the effects are powerful and have changed the lives of many people I have shared it with since then. It’s a prayer that when used with even a little bit of faith touches the heart of God and He responds to it. You read it out loud twice (morning and evening) a day to God. Due to the limits of space…here is an excerpt (it’s about three pages long). I renamed it.

My Daily Agreement with God’s Will for My Life
Father in heaven, thank you that you are establishing me in Christ Jesus. According to Philemon 1:6 – “that the confession of my faith may become effectual by my acknowledging every good thing which is in me in Christ Jesus.

20__ is the best year of my life and today will be the greatest day of my life so far. During this year I will grow abundantly in every area of my life: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Socially, and Financially.

I know my Heavenly Father’s voice and will hear no other. I am in His perfect will for my life. I am diligent to do my Father’s will and speak only that which is pleasing to Him. I am a yielded vessel.

You, Holy Spirit, are my friend and you give me the power to overcome the evil tendencies of my flesh so that I can submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in spirit and indeed.

No matter what the circumstance I have the mind of Christ and operate In His wisdom and ability and the peace of God keeps my heart and mind through Christ Jesus. I ask and receive grace daily to walk in holiness.

I don’t have cares; I have cast them all on the Lord. Peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition are my heritage from the Lord Jesus. In the middle of all my thoughts is your comfort that cheers me up and makes me full of joy and happiness. I am always a happy person. I rely on the Greater One who indwells me to equip me for the job God has called me to do.

Jesus has redeemed me from the curse of the law. Heavenly Father you are continually delivering me from the hands of my adversary.

Because I am always living with you as the Highest of all my thoughts, I will live in your favor. When I am in trouble I can call on You and You will give me Your immediate attention and come to my aid with honor and deliver me with dignity. My Father in Heaven blesses me to be a blessing.

I have the righteousness of Christ, and when God the Father looks at me He sees Jesus. Father God will never leave nor forsake me. This gives me the power to keep myself calm in the face of temptation and of adversity.

Bless me indeed. I ask that your hand would be with me. Deliver me from evil, both temptation, and harm. Lord, Help me to be a second mile Christian. Help me to remember that I am not my flesh, because of the beautiful Lord Jesus Christ who is in me Who is my hope of Glory…

Let me know what God does this year as you pray this prayer. For me, it’s been quite amazing!

To your spiritual health,
Alex E. Anderson
Senior Associate Pastor

P.S. HAPPY NEW!! If you want the complete copy of My Daily Agreement with God’s Will for My Life, I would be glad to email it to you.
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