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Cancer Care Florida

…AND EARLY DETECTION OF CERVICAL CANCER Each year millions of women make their annual trip to the gynecologist for their Pap test. Life continues as usual once they receive a postcard that is checked off as “normal.” But for many women, they receive a phone call from the doctor’s office …

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Remove Fat and Reduce Inches Without Invasive Surgery

weight loss

Welcome to non-invasive body slimming with UltraSlim, and Lipo-Light Mask, using red light technologies to remove fat and reduce inches without invasive surgery. There are no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time. These technologies are all based on modulating a specific type of red light. The modulated red light …

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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Approximately 219,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year – over 103,000 women and nearly 116,000 men. Receiving a lung cancer diagnosis can be alarming. This article will provide some essential information to help you better understand your diagnosis. It is important to discuss treatment options with your doctor …

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Varicose Veins Can be More than a Cosmetic Problem

varicose vein

By Tom Tran PA-C, MPAs, NCCPA Surgery Board Certified – Since varicose veins seemingly only create an unsightly appearance, many people often think that there is no real medical problem, and that they are merely a cosmetic problem. This is a common misconception of varicose veins, and it results from …

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FACE it, you’re getting older but that doesn’t mean you can’t look younger


By Fernando G. Serra, MD., FACS – Everyone ages. With age comes wisdom, and wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes, and sagging features. If you look in the mirror and the person staring back at you appears tired and older than how you feel, don’t lose hope. There are …

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Understanding & Coping with Tinnitus


By Dr. James M. Davenport, F-AAA, CCC-A  – For sufferers of tinnitus, the condition described as ringing in the ears when no external sounds are present, life can be difficult at best, and almost unbearable at worst. Those recently diagnosed with tinnitus – or who think they may have the …

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Control Your Asthma – don’t let it control you


By Thomas L. Johnson II, MD – Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that results in  bronchial passages being particularly sensitive to irritants. It is primarily characterized by labored or difficult breathing. Asthma is a leading chronic condition that affects both adults and children. Although there is no cure for …

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Connection Between Alcohol Use and Cancer

Alcohol Use and Cancer

By South Lake Gastroenterology – Most people know that heavy alcohol use can cause health problems. But many people may not be aware that alcohol use can increase their risk of cancer. Alcohol is a known cause of cancers of the: Mouth Throat (pharynx) Voice box (larynx) Esophagus Liver Colon …

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Dental Implants The Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental Implant

By Spruce Creek Dental – In the past, losing teeth meant your appearance and your ability to eat normal foods would be greatly impacted. Today with dental implants, you can maintain a natural appearance and the ability to eat the foods you enjoy with teeth that feel like your own. …

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Proper Exercise is Important for Each Muscle Group


Are there certain areas of your body that give you more trouble than others? Doing the proper exercises to work each muscle group, including the lower body, chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs is important to getting a good overall workout. Lower Body. The lower body includes the largest muscle …

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Kidney Disease: A Silent Killer

Kidney Problem

By David Moskowitz, MD, MA(Oxon), FACP – Kidney disease is called the silent killer because it’s not uncommon for your kidneys to fail without you knowing a thing about it. At the end, all you feel is tired, nothing more. Then to stay alive you need dialysis–a mechanical way of …

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Leg/Limb Swelling Causes and Treatments

By Patrick Rich – One of the most common issues among older patients is chronic limb swelling; swelling in the feet, ankles, calves, and arms. Any limb swelling whatsoever is often indicative of an overloaded lymphatic system (Lymphedema affects approximately 140 million people worldwide) or a weakened Venus return system …

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Children and Prescriptions: A Special Challenge

Children and Prescriptions

By The Medicine Chest – There are often several challenges when it comes to administering medications to children. Some children may resist taking a liquid medicine due its taste, others may have difficulty swallowing pills, and many have a fear of injections. More effective than a spoonful of sugar, pediatric …

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Healthcare of the Future Available TODAY

Healthcare of the Future

By Personal Care Medical Practices, PLLC – Are you tired of waiting weeks to get in to see a doctor and then you wait hours to only see him or her for less then five minutes? To add insult to injury you have to pay a co-pay or a deductible …

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Need Legal Assistance? Seek Services Provided by a Trusted Law Firm

Millhorn Law Firm has assembled a team of caring, hard working attorneys and brought them together for the sole purpose of offering the best, most innovative and efficient legal services. Grounded in customer relationships and dedicated to our clients, we are committed to providing top notch legal services and representation …

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