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Choosing Your Facility Wisely

Choosing Your Facility Wisely
Medical Imaging and Therapeutics has just opened a brand new facility in The Oaks on 138TH at 13837 NE 86th Terrace, Lady Lake, FL 32159. For more information about Dr. Mark Jacobson or MIT, visit mitflorida.com or facebook.com/mitflorida. For any additional questions, call 352-261-5502 to contact MIT directly.

When it comes to selecting a facility for diagnostic imaging or outpatient surgical needs, most patients face the common decision between a hospital, a hospital-owned outpatient imaging center, or a freestanding physician-owned office surgery center. Some are unaware that they have a choice in the matter at all, and simply go where they are directed. Many of these patients are also on a mission to find the highest quality care for the lowest achievable price, particularly if their insurance plans have high deductibles. Luckily for them, money can be saved without a sacrifice of quality, technology, or service excellence. All they need to do is choose their facility wisely.

Patients seeking more affordable imaging and outpatient surgical services should be aware that hospitals and their affiliated facilities are usually more expensive than freestanding, physician-owned outpatient centers. These additional expenses are often due to Medicare charges and other insurance-related facility fees. Costs in these facilities can also be higher to help cover the costs of uninsured persons who come through the emergency room. Patients can save up to 75% on diagnostic imaging by choosing to visit a freestanding, physician-owned facility instead. Medical Imaging and Therapeutics (locally known as MIT) is one example of a freestanding facility which offers both diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology procedures at more affordable rates.

Within the State-Certified center, Dr. Mark Jacobson and his team perform a full spectrum of diagnostic imaging services such as X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, CTA, MRI and MRA. They also perform a variety of minimally invasive, image-guided surgical procedures including Angioplasty, Atherectomy, Biopsies, Epidural Injections, Kyphoplasty, Sacral Fracture Repair, Tumor Ablation, Varicose Vein Treatment, injections for pain, and more. All procedures are performed in a safe, spa-like setting for optimal patient comfort. The same people who consult with you, also treat you and follow up with you until you are well. This consistency is what makes your care so wonderful at MIT.

MIT’s surgical center is State-Registered and Accredited, and all staff are registered and certified in both their individual fields and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. MIT’s imaging center is also accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and its technologists are all certified through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The facility takes pride in having state-of-the-art technology, including a 1.5 Tesla Large Bore Short Bore MRI, and new 80 Slice CT and Digital X-ray, both designed to image with the lowest radiation dose possible.

Patients can enjoy shorter wait times and more personalized service when they choose MIT as their outpatient center for radiology. Staff members can walk them through each procedure and, if applicable, insurance benefits. Same-day reporting and direct contact with your provider can be expected from MIT’s in-house Interventional Radiologist. Golf cart accessibility and front-row parking at the facility is just icing on the cake.

With all these features, many people wonder how Medical Imaging and Therapeutics can be that much better than a hospital. The simple, straightforward answer is that Dr. Jacobson and his staff focus on you. His team is dedicated to protecting patients from excess radiation exposure and unnecessary procedures. Their goal is to deliver an accurate and educated report to your provider to better facilitate your treatment options and care plan. The next time your provider orders medical imaging or outpatient surgical procedures, ask if you can be referred to MIT.

Dr. Jacobson performs hundreds of kyphoplasties each year in his Lady Lake center and is the “go-to provider” for this procedure, not only because of the number of procedures performed and numerous happy patients, but also because of his participation in the research of radio-frequency ablation of cancerous spine tumors. Local, as well as out of town physicians entrust Medical Imaging & Therapeutics for treatment of their patients’ spine fractures. MIT is affiliated with the University of Florida College of Medicine as an Interventional Radiology training center for physicians in the interventional radiology residency and fellowship program.

Medical Imaging and Therapeutics
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The Oaks on 138TH
13837 NE 86TH TERRACE • LADY LAKE, FL 32159

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