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Advances in Robotic Assisted Surgery What you should know about your options

Advances in Robotic Assisted SurgeryIt may still sound a little futuristic to some, but more than 3 million people worldwide have had remarkable outcomes due to the advanced technology and sophistication of robotic-assisted surgery.
In short, robotic surgery is a minimally invasive method that typically utilizes three small ports, as opposed to a full incision.  The 3D video technology is magnified to the highest-definition.  The surgeon controls tiny instruments that can twist, bend and rotate in ways that no human hand could ever orchestrate the conventional surgical instrumentation.  The physician can visualize the field at a greater magnification and has unprecedented control from the monitor to move the tools with ease.  It is by far one of the most significant advancements to affect the medical world over the past century.
There are multiple procedures that the robotic-assisted surgical device can perform; bariatric procedures include the following: sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch. Along with these bariatric procedures, a comprehensive range of general surgical treatments are also available including; thyroid-parathyroid surgery, breast surgery, abdominal surgery, hernia repairs, and colon/rectal surgery.
The Benefits of Robotic Surgery
• Quicker recovery times
• Shorter hospital stay
• Minimal scarring
• Minimal discomfort
• Proven results
• Advanced outcomes
The robotic device consists of four arms, three of the arms are for surgical instruments, and the fourth arm is for the camera that registers ten times the magnification of traditional laparoscopic cameras.  The surgeon is in the operating room right next to the patient, controlling the movements of the arms from a console.  During the surgery, the surgical movements are precise and meticulously measured.
Munroe Regional Medical Center (MRMC) has an advanced team of surgeons and staff that are highly-trained and experienced experts in robotic-assisted surgery.  MRMC has the latest model robot in the area and is looking forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have regarding your upcoming surgical needs.
Munroe Regional Medical Center offers outpatient, inpatient emergency care, and surgical care.  As your community healthcare provider, the Joint Commission accredits Munroe Regional Medical Center.
At Munroe Regional, they provide you with the best medical care available and identify the most appropriate setting and level of care for you. They are committed to restoring your health as quickly and comfortably as possible, and have been consistently recognized for this dedication.
If you or a loved one has any health concerns or would like to know more about robotic- assisted surgery, please consult Munroe Regional Medical Center to schedule an appointment and discuss your surgery options.
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