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Electro Massage, The Ultimate Therapeutic Massage Experience

Electro Massage, The Ultimate  Therapeutic Massage ExperienceYou are Amazing! And so is your body.  Human Beings have amazing abilities to perform, to heal and look amazing.  Many would argue that the Fountain of Youth is within us!  Here’s why; our body’s typically are producing over 2 million new stem-cells every second of every day.  Our ability to heal from virtually any kind of disease or injury, and perform at high levels, increases dramatically when we have enough energy and the right nutrients.
Natural Healing Accelerated and Dramatic
Pain Relief with Electro Massage
How is this Possible?
Dramatic pain relief, and  accelerated healing are highly achievable when micro-current technology is applied properly. It can be used to heal a multitude of particular medical issues.  Because of the fact that the cells in our bodies function, and signal to each other through intricate micro-current transmitters, when our cells currents are damaged or dying (due to injury or disease), the electrical current levels in the cells diminish, and the cell will begin to emit toxicity through chemical reactions in our bodies.
When the proper micro-current levels are improved and stabilized, our bodies will start to eliminate pain, inflammation and the progression of damage to injuries, aging, and disease.  Micro-current treatment has been around for many years, but until recently it was reserved for athletes and celebrities for its healing and anti-aging benefits.  Now available to the general public, the process is easy and takes a short period of time to improve our cells electrical functioning. During the procedure, small probes are applied to specific areas of the body, and low-level micro-current is stimulated through and controlled by a technician.
Not all Micro-Current is created equal.
Energy Medical (EMed) has a superior micro-current delivery system for accelerated healing called Acuscope Myopulse (AMT).  AMT is based on physics, and uses Artificial Intelligence to normalize the electro-physiology of tissue.. Physical science controls chemistry. All the functions of the body can be normalized, as long as the pathology has not progressed too far.
AMT Triggers The Body’s Own Natural Healing Mechanisms By:
• Normalizing inflamed (low-resistance) tissue so that it no longer redirects required (standard) electrical impulses away from needy or damaged (high-resistance or electrically compromised) cells
• Normalizing damaged (high resistance or electrically compromised) cells so that they can hold the normal electrical charge needed to make enough of the chemicals responsible for producing cellular energy, the fuel required for repair
Energy Medical is a leader in the field of electric medicine and specializes in eliminating pain and accelerated healing.  Using advanced, electro-magnetic-pulsed-frequency waveforms, Energy Medical therapists excel at re-normalizing tissue cellular function. It sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple, quick and highly efficient.
How Can Electro-Massage with AMT Help You?
• EMed is the leader in the field of electric medicine
• Specializing in pain relief and accelerated healing
• Helps you look better, feel better and perform better
• Provides highly effective, fast and lasting results
• Increase energy levels, blood flow, natural healing, and detoxification
• Utilizes advanced, artificial intelligence, electro-magnetic-pulsed-frequency- waveform technologies to safely restore health without drugs or surgeries
EMed’s Wellness Program
Decades ago, microcurrent treatment was used for Hollywood’s elite celebrities to help their skin and facial muscles tighten through non-invasive micro-current treatments.  It was reserved only for the stars that could afford its high price and secrecy at the time.
Energy Medical, along with all of their high-regarded services is now offering a complete wellness package.  Since cell regeneration is proven unmatchable with AMT therapy, EMed’s facial, massage and performance enhancement package normalizes the condition of the skin, returning damaged cells to their own natural healthy state. The Bio-Energetic Face lift will stimulate collagen production, blood flow, and lymph drainage on an accumulative basis. Normal healthy skin will naturally optimize oxygen, nutrient absorption, and moisture levels.
At EMed’s Electro Massage and Facial Center, you will receive the Ultimate therapeutic  massage & Facial Experience.  You can relax and re-energize mentally, emotionally and physically.
The Electro Massage allows energy to flow right thru your therapist’s fingers, penetrating muscles, nerves, organs, and skin.  You will experience pain relief, melting-muscle knots, increased energy-levels, enhanced-blood-flow, improved-collagen production, detoxification, and much more.  Full body electro-massage is the Ultimate Therapeutic Massage Experience.
If you’d like to look younger, feel better and enhance your performance level, then AMT treatments are available at your convenience through Energy Medical.  They are offering free consultation to design a plan to address the root cause of an issue and not just mask symptoms.
With Emed’s Electro Facial you will experience deep cleaning at a cellular level, increased collagen production, and optimal cellular renewal.
You really can Look Better, Feel Better and Perform Better without drugs or surgery. Call Energy Medical today and schedule your free consultation. 352-552-1889, or visit

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