Saturday , April 10 2021

Energy Medical (EMed) Leading the Way in Electro Bio-Energetic Therapy and Pain Elimination. Helping the Body Repair and Heal Itself Naturally.

Fast, safe and highly effective Pain Relief, NOW!

Energy Medical (EMed) Leading the Way in Electro Bio-Energetic TherapyAre you suffering in pain?
Sick of the side effects from toxic drugs, unsuccessful surgeries and endless tests? Nothing seems to work, no matter how much you change your diet, exercise, get adjusted, massaged or needled? There has to be a better way.
Have you ever wondered how top athletes, and hollywood celebrities seem to quickly heal from almost any kind of disease or injury?  And yet you’re still suffering in pain no matter what the doctors prescribe. What do they know that you don’t?
They know that our whole body runs on electricity. Every cell holds a charge just like a battery, and whenever there is any kind of pain, disease or injury there is also a corresponding change of the electrical charge of the tissue.  These electrical changes are measured with ECGs, EMGs, EEGs, Nerve Conduction Tests, etc.
So if we are all being diagnosed electrically why then aren’t we being treated electrically? The truth is many people are and experiencing dramatic, life changing results!
Energy Medical is a leader in the field of electric medicine and specialize in eliminating pain and accelerated healing. Ssing advanced, electro-magnegetic-pulsed-frequency waveforms, Energy Medical therapists excel at re-normalizing tissue cellular function . It sounds complicated, but it’s really quite simple, quick and highly effective.
All therapies are safe, non-drug and non-invasive.  Many clients relax and sleep during therapy sessions. Most people express a dramatic reduction in pain, improved range of motion, increased energy levels, better sleep, and improved quality of life.
You really can Look Better, Feel Better and Perform Better without drugs or surgery. Call Energy Medical today and schedule your free consultation.
● Specializing in pain relief and accelerated healing
● Helping you look better, feel better and perform better
● We are the leader in the field of electric medicine
● Providing highly effective, fast and lasting results
● Offering free consultation to design a plan to address the root cause of an issue and not just mask symptoms
● Helping people improve quality of life
● Helping people increase energy levels, blood-flow, natural healing, and detoxification
● Utilizing advanced, artificial intelligence, electro-magnetic-pulsed-frequency-waveform technologies to safely restore health without drugs or surgeries
To learn more about what top, Olympic and professional athletes, celebrities, doctors and clients are saying visit
(352) 552-1889
17820 SE 109th Ave., Suite 106B
Summerfield, FL. 34491
In the Spruce Creek Medical Center
Across from the Walmart on Hwy. 441

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