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Facial Rejuvenation Using Stem Cells

Every woman desires tight, tone, wrinkle-free skin and wants to know how to get it.
Live (Stem) Cell Facial TreatmentIn Europe and other countries, more and more women have discovered a natural solution to reverse the signs of aging skin – live cells from from placenta membrane, and there are plenty of benefits that go along with it.
Now before you shy away from the very thought of human afterbirth in your beauty regimen, let it be known that there is a rich, historical precedent for the use of live cells taken from the placenta membrane for health and beauty. Collected cells are frozen for future use and are full of nutrients, minerals, amino acids and proteins, and have to ability reproduce new cells.
Live (Stem) Cell Facial Treatment
A multi-potent tissue matrix is used to fill, cover and rejuvenate the cells in the face and neck.  The treatment can be used to replenish areas of the body from head to toe. It works wonders to repair an aging face and vagina, as discussed in last month’s issue.
These are totipotent cells and an allograft, meaning it’s prepared from a human, and is acceptable to humans. Thus is non-hormonal with no side effects and highly acceptable to the human body.
Preparation of these multi-active cells are from strictly screened human tissue [placenta]. All selected cases are thoroughly checked for past medical history and social history, making this treatment a safe natural, and effective alternative for facial rejuvenation.
At cesarean section the placenta retained and is processed through high level technology to extract these highly multi-potent cells. The 1.5 c.c, then is injected in areas needed to be regenerated to regain the youthful quality needed to be functional.
Since the early 1900s the product has been used in burn cases, open wounds and orthopedic cases to rejuvenate the affected areas and promote healing with new cell growth.
The value live cell facial rejuvenation has gained such recognition that the rich and famous and celebrity jet-set have caught onto it in a big way.
Facial benefits of placenta rejuvenation:
• Any age can benefit
• Smokers are good candidates
• Response within days
• Dramatic reduction/elimination of face wrinkles
• Physical changes with smoother, younger skin.
• Generates and rebuilds your natural collagen of the face, turning back time to a much more youthful appearance.
• “Overall a much younger looking face for that age!”
Unlike fillers that use synthetic substances, these live cells are derived from humans and the treatment activates and rejuvenates the cells in the face, causing a reduction in wrinkles, improvement in facial tone and color and reduction of pore size.
Using live cells allows for continued rejuvenation and repair because the cells are always reproducing and replenishing.
There are no risks of allergic reactions. This is an ideal treatment for any patient who wants to improve volume, reduce fine lines, and improve texture of the face and neck. It’s a more natural approach than fillers which may change the shape of the face.
Why Live Cells Produce Excellent Results
Where all the benefits come from is inside the cells of the placenta membrane. These are the cells that become any one of a number of cells in the body as a fetus is developing.
For example, if the fetus is developing a nervous system, then the cells will differentiate into becoming cells of the nervous system.
If the fetus is developing bone cells and cartilage cells, the cells will differentiate and become bone or cartilage cells.
And if the fetus is developing new skin, the cells will differentiate and become new perfectly youthful looking skin cells.
Now imagine the power of the these cells if you use them on your face. They will begin to rejuvenate the cells of your face and foster the continued reproduction of new skin cells on your face, resulting in tight and tone skin that you desire.
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