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Home Health Care Month: Stay in Your Home, But Get the Care You Need

Nearly 24 Million Americans have COPD. Most of them are over the age of 40 and have a history of smoking, or being subjected to respiratory irritants such as chemicals and pollutants.
COPD is a disease that is encompassed by chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma, causing shortness of breath, productive coughing and inflammation of the airways. It is a progressive lung disease with no cure. Most patients are put on steroids (oral and inhaled), bronchodilators and antibiotics.
Individuals with COPD often have incidents of fluid build-up, which can make it difficult for them to breath. They frequently feel as if they are drowning and call 911 often due to this terrifying sensation. When under home health care, their team of nurses and medical director can prevent these readmissions to the hospital by several means. The medical team can prescribe medications to block fluid build-up, have a daily vital reading monitored by a home health program, and have specialists help with understanding nutrition, and how to keep calm and learn to breathe more functionally through the episodes.
The AARP reports that 89% of the aging population of patients want to remain in their home. It’s important for individuals to maintain their independence even though they may require some form of temporary assistance.
Having a disorder like COPD is difficult to maintain control of, if you live alone. Seeking a qualified home health care company to assist you or your loved ones through these life-altering situations is essential.
Stay in the comfort of your home; age in place, but get the care you need.
Laurie Ann Truluck and her TEAM of Realtors love to work with people moving to the Ocala/Marion County area so that they can share their love of their community and help them find their niche. Laurie Ann and her team members take pride in going the extra mile to not only help our customers find or sell their Marion County home but also to find connections here that make their transition smooth and exciting.
Most of their business comes from friends, and referrals of friends, which, they feel, make their job fun and enjoyable. They also love the new connections they make from their Internet presence. They enjoy helping people reach goals, move on to new seasons of their lives, purchase their first home, make a real estate investment, upsize, downsize, or whatever the case may be.
Laurie Ann and TEAM would love the opportunity to work with you!
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