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Imagine New Adventures Without the Blur of Cataracts

Imagine New Adventures Without the Blur of CataractsAh, cataracts. Seems like once you reach a certain age you hear about them a lot, and see ad after ad promoting places that treat them. The constant inundation of information can be confusing. In this article, we’ll cover the basics so you’ll have a better understanding of this common condition and your best options to get rid of cataracts and restore brilliant vision.
A cataract is a progressive clouding within the proteins in the lens of the eye. While cataracts can occur at any age, they tend to occur most frequently in people 55 and older. As the formation grows, it diminishes light from reaching the retina, blurring sight, dulling colors and stealing night vision. This clouding of the lens can also dull the color of your eyes and rob them of their sparkle.
Since cataracts tend to grow slowly, people often ignore them until their vision becomes bad enough to limit their activities. Left untreated, cataracts can cause partial or, in some cases, total blindness. This is totally unnecessary, because cataract surgery is one of the safest and most successful procedures ever created. The surgery itself is painless, requires no general anesthesia and takes only about 5 to 10 minutes. Recovery is quick and easy, with little to no discomfort and a rapid return to everyday activities. Cataract surgery and lens replacement have a remarkably high record of success and satisfaction – in fact, every year more than 3 million Americans undergo cataract surgery with outstanding results.
The Lake Eye Difference
In Central Florida, there are many choices for cataract removal and lens replacement, so which do you choose? Obviously, we think Lake Eye is the best choice – let us explain why. We have been serving the region for more than 40 years, and because of our countless number of satisfied patients and the most advanced technologies in the industry, both our practice and reputation have continued to grow year after year.
We have a team of Board-certified ophthalmological surgeons whose collective experience and training in cataract removal and IOL placement surpass our competitors’. Our team has performed tens of thousands of successful cataract surgeries and mastered state-of-the-art
technologies and techniques many other practices aren’t qualified to offer. Lake Eye was the first local practice to provide the revolutionary Femto Laser procedure, which gently removes the cataract-damaged lens with a specialized laser. The Femto Laser system is the quickest, safest and most effective method to remove cataracts ever created, and Lake Eye’s surgeons were the first in Central Florida authorized to perform it. “The Femto Laser’s safety, accuracy and speed are unparalleled,” says Dr. Wehrly. “It is the gold standard in cataract removal.”
Choosing the Right Replacement Lens
Once the diseased lens is removed, it is replaced with an intraocular lens, or IOL. The selection and implantation of the right IOL is a crucial stage in cataract surgery, for it is the element that provides the patient’s new and improved vision.
“The greatest long-term satisfaction comes from more than just removing the cataract-affected lens,” says ophthalmological surgeon Dr. Scot Holman. “It has as much to do with the replacement lens, which we custom select based on each patient’s particular circumstances, like present vision, eye condition and lifestyle goals. Many patients report having better vision after surgery than they’ve had in years, or even in their life. Most are able to achieve 20/20 vision or better and reduce or eliminate their need for glasses.”
The right IOL is a highly individualized decision based on both suitability and patient preference. Therefore, before surgery your Lake Eye ophthalmologist will discuss your lifestyle, activities and goals for vision correction, and go over your general eye condition and health, as well as review your options for optimal sight restoration.
During surgery, your surgeon will examine the shape and condition of your eyeball, which can affect which IOL will be ideal. Based on your specific needs and ambitions, your surgeon will choose from only the finest, highest-quality, patient-approved IOLs. “We carry nothing but
the most trusted and proven IOLs in the industry,” says Dr. Vinay Gutti. “When it comes to vision, enduring quality is paramount.”
Our state-of-the-art line of IOLs provide correction for presbyopia (age-related near vision loss), astigmatism and other issues, and we even offer multifocal lenses that can improve vision at all distances, including the FDA-approved Symfony® IOL, the first extended depth-of-field lens for continuous correction that works like natural healthy vision.
Lake Eye’s extensive surgical experience, IOL expertise and outstanding practice numbers merited our surgical team a guest speaker engagement at Johnson and Johnson’s 2019 National Sales Meeting. “It was an honor to address so many industry colleagues,” says Dr. Wehrly. “We were gratified to provide our peers with the latest data on the success of our technologies and procedures. We always welcome opportunities to teach, study and share.”
For glaucoma patients with cataracts, our surgeons utilize endocyclophotocoagulation (ECP) and iStent® to reduce intraocular pressure and help protect eyesight from damage in the same surgical session as cataract removal and IOL implantation for optimal ease, speed and efficacy.
“There’s no reason for cataracts to diminish anyone’s quality of life,” says Dr. Holman. “Our team has the experience, leading-edge technology and mastery of the latest procedures to offer clear, brilliant, renewed vision to anyone affected by cataracts.”
Don’t let dull, blurred vision dim life’s adventures. Begin your next chapter with a bright and brilliant outlook. It all starts at Lake Eye.
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