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New Year, New You – Restorative Procedures and Optical Options at Lake Eye

Restorative Procedures and Optical Options at Lake EyeThe New Year is here and the Board-certified ophthalmologists and staff of Lake Eye Associates want you to experience every moment with clarity and confidence.
Many people welcome the thought of a fresh outlook and renewed sense of self. Advances in medicine, modern technologies and our invincible spirit really do make us different from previous generations in terms of how we are greeting our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. “That’s why Lake Eye focuses on far more than mainstays like general eye care and comprehensive exams to prevent and correct eye disease,” says Dr. Mark Vocci; “we also offer a host of options for a healthier approach to life overall.”
For example, as people pass 40, they tend to notice a decline in their near vision, a condition called presbyopia, creating a need for reading glasses. For most people, a visit to Lake Eye’s Precision Optics center, with its endless array of designer frames and specialty lenses, is enough to manage this in style. “But for people who depend on being able to shift their focus from distance to close up and back again throughout the day, reading glasses can become a chore,” says Dr. Scot Holman. “That’s why we offer the revolutionary new Raindrop® near vision inlay procedure, in which we place an implant smaller than a pinhead just behind the surface of the near-vision eye, enhancing the ability to see details close-up.” By leaving their distance vision untouched, patients are able to enjoy both near and far vision, greatly reducing or eliminating their need for reading glasses. This outpatient procedure is performed in-office and takes only minutes. Lake Eye is the first and currently only regional practice qualified to provide the Raindrop® procedure.
As people pass 50 or 60, many find their vision becoming impacted by the gradual blur and clouding of cataracts. Once upon a time, cataract surgery was a significant event. Today, cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in just minutes. “Lake Eye was the first local practice capable of providing LenSx® refractive laser surgery,” says Dr. Scott Wehrly. LenSx® swiftly and safely removes the damaged lens without blades or cutting. “We then replace the diseased lens with an intraocular replacement lens, or IOL, with a next-generation multifocal or accommodating lens, or the most advanced option, the new Symfony® extended-range IOL, which offers seamless vision correction at all distances, so many patients not only get rid of cataracts, they also achieve 20/20 vision or close to it.”
“For people with both cataracts and glaucoma, we offer ECP, a safe, gentle and minimally invasive laser procedure that removes cataracts and helps reduce fluid and eye pressure in the same surgery,” says Dr. Vinay Gutti. “It simultaneously restores vision and enables many patients to reduce or stop taking glaucoma medication.”
As people get into their 60s, 70s and 80s, others problems commonly arise, including eyelid disorders. “Time can cause the upper eyelids to droop and sag, and the lower lids to become puffy or baggy, or turn inward or outward,” says comprehensive ophthalmologist Shelby Terpstra, DO. “These issues can impact vision and make people look older and more tired than they feel.” To restore field of vision and a more alert and rejuvenated appearance, Dr. Terpstra performs both upper lid surgery (blepharoplasty) and lower lid procedures, returning people to a fresher, more natural look and the increased safety of adequate peripheral vision.
This New Year, focus on the you you’d like to be, with general eye care, fresh eyewear styles at Precision Optics, and the correction of eye or eyelid problems that negatively impact your life. 2018 awaits – experience it brilliantly.
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