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Not All Skin Care Products Are Created Equal

By Steven T. Powell, MD –
It seems as though there are skin care products available in just about every store you shop in these days. With so many products available, trying to decide which products will work for your particular skin type and skin problems can be an overwhelming and confusing process. How do you determine which one is best for you? If multiple products claim to treat “fine lines and wrinkles” aren’t they all the same?  The answer is an emphatic NO!
Many products contain different strengths and ratios of their active ingredients, which have a direct effect on the results they achieve. The products we carry, be they sunscreens or rejuvenation creams, are hand selected by us from boutique companies and designed to meet our patient’s specific needs. This can make a major difference in your results and satisfaction.
Combined with the products we offer, the new chemical peels available today produce significantly better results with less recovery time than previous versions. Peels are one of the safest, easiest ways to achieve a dramatic difference in your skin’s appearance. Peels can be repeated in a stairstep fashion. Some patients come in every six weeks, others are happy with the results after only one or two treatments! That’s the beauty of chemical peels; they can be formatted to fit your particular needs.  Most patients see even better results when a peel is combined with specific skin care products to target specific areas of concern.
Want to know more about your skin care options? Call now to schedule a free consultation, or attend one of our free skin care seminars. Pick up a free brochure of our complete product line. We’ve helped men and women of all ages address their skin problems and challenges. Let us help determine the perfect skin care regimen for you, one that is easy to follow and provides you with the best results possible for your individual needs.
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