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Spider Veins Treatment and Causes

Spider Veins Treatment and CausesSpider veins (also called telangiectasias) are small superficial blood vessels in the skin. They get their name because their appearance is similar to that of a spider web. They most commonly appear as blue or purple spider web-like patterns on the inner and outer thighs, calves, back of the knees and the ankle area.

Underlying vein disease can be the cause of your spider veins and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some people complain of warmth or discomfort and even pain over spider patterns. It is important to be evaluated by a vein specialist to determine if you have a medical issue causing the spider veins. Treatment of the underlying vein disease is covered by most health insurances however, the treatment of the superficial blue, red and purple spider veins is a cosmetic issue.

What’s Causing
Your Spider Veins?
Many factors can contribute to the development of these unattractive veins. Gravity’s long-term strain on our bodies is the main reason vein disease develops. Veins are responsible for returning blood back to the heart, but our blood’s uphill path against gravity makes this tough. Some factors can be avoided or improved, but many of these are out of your control:
Pregnancy- risk increases with each pregnancy

Prolonged standing or sitting required by many professions can contribute to the development and reoccurrence of spider veins.

Treating Your Spider Veins
Our spider vein treatment options improve the appearance of your legs with minimally invasive procedures that let you get back to normal activities the same day. They require no prolonged recovery or discomfort. We use injection sclerotherapy for the best results eliminating spider veins. It is important to realize that more spider veins can occur over time.

Stop hiding your legs because of spider veins. Don’t wait to get your spider veins evaluated. Treatment to eliminate the embarrassing webs of blue, red and purple veins can be started immediately.

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