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STARx Pharmacy Reminds Diabetics of the Importance of Taking the Right Medicine at the Right Time, Every Time.

“Drugs don’t work in people who don’t take them.”
~ C. Everett Koop, 1985 Former U.S. Surgeon General
Medication Errors harm at least 1.5 million people every year.
32 million Americans are taking 3 or more medications daily and nearly 3 out of 4 Americans do not take their medications as directed.
Why Should I Care About Adherence?
“Lack of medication adherence is America’s other drug problem and leads to unnecessary disease progression, disease complications, reduced functional abilities, a lower quality of life, and even death.”
Consequence of patients failing to take prescription medications accurately:
● Diabetes patients who don’t follow medication orders have a 30% yearly risk of hospitalization.
● Among hypertension patients, an estimated 89,000 premature deaths per year could be avoided with appropriate medication treatment.
● More than 1/3 of medication-related hospital admissions
● 23% of all nursing home admissions are due
STARx Pharmacy wants to ensure you have the best possible health outcome. Taking your medication as prescribed is very important to reach that goal.
How Does It Work?
It’s a Pill Cup. Expertly prepared by your pharmacist, each personal pill cup contains the exact pills and supplements you need to take—and each cup is labeled with the precise time to take them. Medicine-
On-Time® puts the right dose, right at your fingertips.
It’s as simple as reading a calendar. When you wake you simply reach for the color coded, easy-to-open calendar package and take the right pills at the right time.
On the Go?  Have an early golf game including breakfast out? Simply tear off the morning dosage tab and take it with you.  Going on vacation? No more bulky bottles of medication to pack in your luggage.  Simply tear off the days of medications you need to take with you.
We monitor the course of medications and automatically refill and deliver new cards to the patient’s home fast and free.
Cost Effective and Hassle Free
A free service, offered to simplify your life and improve outcomes, STARx pharmacy monitors refills of both Rx and over-the-counter medications, coordinates patient care with physicians and insurance companies and delivers the pre-packaged medications directly to your door.  STARx is the region’s sole provider of the Medicine-On-Time® innovative personal prescription system.
Judy Martin of The Villages is a woman on the go.  She is a retired teacher; her husband is a retired dentist.  She also visits locals in need with her loving therapy dog.  Living The Villages lifestyle means plenty of traveling and with Medicine-On-Time®, Judy is ready to go anywhere, anytime.
“I love the ease of use with Medicine-On-Time®,” she says.  “Everything I need to know about my medication or supplement is written clearly on the back of each packet.  I just push through the paper on the tab and the medicine I need for that day and that time are conveniently in my hand and ready to take.”  Judy also likes the fact that Medicine-On-Time® is cost effective and more organized than her former insurance provider.  “STARx is so organized!  They call me to verify it is time to refill my meds and then they deliver them right to my door.  They even call my physician when it is time to renew a prescription.  I get my medicines every month, so if a medication is discontinued, I don’t end up paying for meds I am not going to use.  And when it comes to cost, I am much better off than before.  STARx and Medicine-On-Time® take all the guesswork and the work out of receiving and taking my meds.
Peace of Mind
Monique Burschard, a nurse at Florida Heart and Vascular Multispecialty Group, knows the importance of taking the right medication at the right time from the viewpoint of a seasoned healthcare professional.
When her father Joseph, who lives alone, began exhibiting symptoms of new onset dementia, he began taking several medications and supplements throughout the day.  Monique prepared pre-doses for two weeks in advance, and even though family members checked on him twice daily, she found herself being called to the Emergency Room quite often.
Since she started using STARx Medicine-On-Time®, the ER visits have stopped.  “I love this new STARx system,” she says.  “I can simply call and ask my dad if he has taken the medicine in the yellow or blue package and if he says yes, then when I check on him later that day, one quick look tells me if he has taken it.  It has given me such piece of mind.  And another thing I love about STARx is the fact that they are a family pharmacy.  When I walk in or call, there is no waiting; they always give me immediate attention and the help I need.”
Call STARx today and our staff will contact your doctor and coordinate all medications and dosing.
At STARx Pharmacy the patient comes first and the confusion comes NEVER.
Please call 352-323-9555 or stop in STARx Pharmacy to find out how you can have better health outcomes with Medicine-on-Time®.

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