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The Importance of Healthy Nutrition for the Aging Population

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The Importance of Healthy Nutrition  for the Aging PopulationMany seniors, unfortunately, lack proper nutrition. This deficiency is directly related to the fact that the elderly often rely  on canned foods, frozen foods, or foods that are quickly consumed and digested, like simple carbohydrates.  These meal options are usually loaded with sugar, salt, chemicals, and preservatives. Recent studies suggest, over 70% of the aging population experience malnutrition.
As individuals age, they may lose their appetite, defer especially to unhealthy food choices, or forget to eat altogether if they are experiencing any cognitive impairment disorders, like dementia or Alzheimer’s.
Contributing factors for insufficient nutrition in the elderly include: 
• Access to nutritious foods
• Digestive health
• Food preference
• Monetary restrictions
• General and oral health disorders
• Malnutrition due to cognitive decline
Water is very important, playing a significant role  in the body’s overall health. For those of us living in Florida’s warm climate, it’s imperative to stay hydrated throughout the entire year.  In general, people can’t survive for more than 3-4 days without liquids.  Water is critical for helping to remove bodily waste, regulating blood pressure and sustaining proper brain function.  Without it, urinary tract infections, renal failure, confusion, fainting, low blood pressure, constipation, rapid heart rate and even death may occur.
When digestive issues arise, seniors sometimes eat bland foods, like crackers, high-sodium soups, and processed cereals.  These incomplete food groups can lead to a deficiency in protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals, which are crucial for feeding the brain, muscles, and joints.  Along with hypertension due to an increased salt intake, these types of foods can also contribute to diabetic complications from an overabundance of insulin resistance from excess sugars.
Healthy digestion starts with the mouth.  Missing or failing teeth and dentures can cause issues with essential nutrients being absorbed and utilized.  Proper oral hygiene is often overlooked. Fortunately, it is often an easy fix, allowing seniors to start enjoying a healthy, balanced meal again.
At American House Senior Living Communities, we take pride in serving our residents healthy, nutritious and delicious, restaurant-style meals. Our corporate-trained chefs understand the importance of providing well-balanced meal options, ensuring proper nutrition and opportunities for socialization while dining with friends in our beautiful community restaurant.
We offer the independence you want with the assistance you need.  American House Senior Living Communities has been serving seniors and their families for nearly 40 years, providing care at an affordable price. Whether seeking independent living, assisted living or memory care services, there’s an American House that’s right for you. Come on over and see for yourself why so many seniors call American House Wildwood home.
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