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Need Legal Assistance? Seek Services Provided by a Trusted Law Firm

law firmMillhorn Law Firm has assembled a team of caring, hard working attorneys and brought them together for the sole purpose of offering the best, most innovative and efficient legal services. Grounded in customer relationships and dedicated to our clients, we are committed to providing top notch legal services and representation in all of the following areas.
Estate Planning is the process of planning the transfer of your personal assets at death to your beneficiaries. The attorneys at Millhorn Law Firm will assist you plan your estate in a manner that meets your goals, whether drafting a Last Will and Testament or a Revocable Living Trust. We are sensitive to the personal nature of estate planning and will address your unique needs. In addition, we will create Durable Powers of Attorney with Health Care Surrogate provisions to ensure that in the event you become incapacitated, you have appointed someone to make financial and medical decisions for you.
Advanced Estate Planning is required if you want to protect your life’s work and your beneficiary’s inheritance. We can provide several options on how to best protect your assets.
Probate is the legal process of settling the estate of a deceased person. Any claims against the estate will be resolved and the decedent’s property will be distributed unto the beneficiaries. Probate proceedings are open to the public. This process can be very expensive and time consuming. The average cost of probate is 5-6% of the value of the estate. The average time for the administration of the estate is 9 to 12 months. A separate probate is often required in each state where property is owned. Probate generally requires hiring an attorney and can usually be avoided with a properly drafted Revocable Living Trust.
Medicaid Planning attorneys can support your loved one with the process of applying for and becoming eligible for Nursing Home Medicaid. The attorneys at Millhorn Law Firm can alleviate some of the stress that encompasses medical transitions by providing legal assistance during confusing and lengthy processes.
Family Law services are available if you are contemplating divorce or separation. Please contact out attorneys if you are in need of pre-marital agreement, a martial agreement or a shared property agreement.
Tax Law can be confusing. Our attorneys can help you eliminate any questions or concerns you may have about your personal or business taxes. If you require legal representation at an IRS audit, we can be there for you. If you are unsure about any tax situation, don’t let the IRS take advantage of you simply because you aren’t aware of all the hidden caveats in tax laws.
Personal Injury/Wrongful Death – A motor vehicle collision, wrongful death, product liability, trip and fall or medical malpractice can suddenly change the direction of a family’s life. We have a team ready to assist you with medical treatment, bills, lost wages, claims for pain and suffering and other issues to help you recover from this loss.
Corporate Law is used to establish and maintain a corporation, partnership or franchise. If you need a stock/share purchase agreement, buy-sell agreement, employment agreement, or independent contractor agreement, we are available to help you.
Real Estate Law – The attorney’s at Millhorn Law Firm can assist you in the sale or purchase of your residence, including For Sale by Owner (FSBO), and the refinancing and/or leasing of a home. Whether you are a buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, lender or borrower, or a developer, we can help you with all of your residential and commercial property issues.
General Litigation – We have several attorneys that are available to handle contract disputes, construction litigation, civil litigation and probate litigation.
Guardianship gives a person the legal authority and the responsibility to care for the personal and property interests of another person. If you are in need of establishing a guardianship for a loved one, our attorneys can assist you during this often-emotional time.
Millhorn Law Firm has been providing high quality legal representation since 1992. During that time, we’ve established ling-term relationships with our clients and the community. We have become known for our talent, skill, responsiveness and sound judgement.

If you are in need of legal assistance for any of the above reasons or if you simply have questions or concerns regarding certain laws and hoe they may affect your situation, call (352) 753-9333 to schedule an appointment at our Pines Professional Center location or at of office in the Palm Ridge Plaza.

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